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April 2001 Issue
Volume 18

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1. Feature Character: Fanny Casteel (Casteel Spoilers)
2. Theory Corner: Rain (Hudson Spoilers)
3. Feature Book: Music in the Night (Logan Spoilers)
4. Excuses, Excuses: Celine Delorice (Orphans Spoilers)
5. Quotable Quotes: Fallen Hearts (Casteel Spoilers)
6. Battle of the Sexes: Least Favorite Hero (Adare Spoilers)
7. Olivia's Observations: Cutler Vs. Hudson (Cutler and Hudson Spoilers)
8. Heavenly Reviews: All That Glitters (Landry Spoilers)
9. News
10. Editors Note & Announcements
11. Advertisers
12. Copyright and Legal

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Feature Character
By Clara Sue Cutler

*Fanny Casteel*

The ever jealous sister of Heaven Casteel, Fanny always had something to
envy. Fanny always wanted to be the center of attention, even in her own
family. She craved men's attention. While in school she would let boys
kiss her, among other things, if they would buy her lunch. But she would
never be like her good sister Heaven. Fanny felt like she never got
anything good because it always went to Heaven, like Logan Stonewall, or a
rich family.

When Fanny finally did get a real family, it was nothing but show. She was
adopted by the Wises only to be impregnated by Rev. Wise. She had to give
her baby up for adoption and would always want her back. After that
incident she moved to Nashville to become a singer, but she wasn't too
good. Heaven did share her wealth, though Fanny just expected it.

As they grew older Fanny's envy grew. Heaven married Logan while Fanny
married an old man who when he died left her nothing. Fanny was alone with
nothing to show for anything. So she did what she thought she had to do,
steal what was Heaven's. She seduced Logan and became pregnant with her
second child.

More years passed and Fanny's ways still didn't change. After one of her
birthday parties Logan and Heaven were driving home with their daughter
Annie and they got into a car crash, both of them died leaving only Annie.
Knowing her son and herself were all Annie had left Fanny began to mature
and act her age to the surprise and happiness of her son.

Fanny had a rough life, and was alone for most of it but in the end her
way of taking the things she wanted gave her the only thing she needed, a
loving and caring son.

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Theory Corner
By Luke Casteel Sr.


Hey everyone, this month its Luke the first to come about with a theory
for you. This one is a little more about what didn't happen than what did

This is about Rain. Usually in the series that Neiderman has been writing
we have that continuity in the way the character thinks. Sometimes, it is
as if the character doesn't really grow up. As if they are already old and
set in their ways at the age of fourteen or fifteen. This time I found
that Rain seemed to change her mind a lot in the book. It's as though she
suddenly grew up.

Take for example her feelings about sex. Rain thought that sex was
something precious; she didn't want to be promiscuous. It wasn't like she
had on a chastity belt, but she never wanted to have a relationship that
would have dealt with anything like that. When she lost her virginity, she
seemed to grow up. Within a few months, she had had sex with three guys.
She even got married pretty soon after that. Her outlook changed. Maybe
that was because when she found out her life had been a lie,
subconsciously she was acting like she thought she should -- like her
mother. And she did believe her mother was promiscuous.

Another thing was her outlook on her parents. She liked her adoptive
mother, but almost as soon as she found out Latisha wasn't her real
mother, she started saying "my adoptive mother" as if it was very natural
to her.

This example also pans to Larry. She met him briefly, and suddenly he was
father, in name and in spirit. It was as if she had known all along in her
heart, she just needed to uncover everything.

Her view of people changed too. She had had certain beliefs all of her
life, and suddenly when she realized she had been a little closed minded,
she was flooded with respect for some, disgust for others. This seemed to
be within a short time -- about a month.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it was very easy for us to see
Rain mature. In other books it seemed very shadowed, but I think it was a
little easier to identify with Rain when we saw her grow and mature
throughout three or so books.

It gives you a little to think about. :)

Until next time... Luke Casteel, Sr.

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Feature Book
By Pharaoh Adare

*Music in the Night*

Laura Logan was a Cape Cod beauty. She was sweet, caring, full of magic
and life. She had a twin bother that looked up to her like an angel, a
sister that worshiped the ground she walked on, a mother that admired her
personality, and a father who thought she could do no wrong. Her life was
almost perfect!

But sometimes a perfect life can have its imperfect moments!

The Logan name -which Laura was very proud of- had its terrible past of
almost unspeakable secrets. Secrets that hide behind the back of Laura's
iron-spine, meddling, spiteful grandmother Olivia Logan.

But beyond this storm of hidden words and truth, a prince of sweetness
enters Laura's life and upon her lips the name speaks out: Robert Royce.

Like a gust of wind, Robert sweeps Laura into an unknown world of
unconditional love and ecstasy.

But this love has its enemies.

Cary, Laura's devoted and sometimes moody twin, finds Robert to be the
wrong suitor for his sister. With all his might, he tries to drive the two
apart but to no avail. Their love only gets deeper. But deeper their love
goes, deeper the hole -of disastrous secrets- gets!

With rumors, secrets, and lies floating about through Laura's life, it's
unsure which direction this young beauty's life will take.

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Excuses, Excuses
By Tom Casteel

*Celine Delorice*

Judge: Celine Delorice you have been charged with failure as a parent.

When Celine Delorice was younger she had a promising career as a dancer.
Then a tragic accident ripped her dreams away from her. She was left
crippled and heart broken. She couldn't have children so she went to an
orphanage and adopted one. She didn’t just adopt any child, she adopted a
child who had the right physical body to become a dancer. She chose Janet
Taylor, a young impressionable girl. All Janet wanted was to be someone's
little girl. She thought Celine was going to be her loving mother. She
did everything to please her, she took dancing lessons until she was too
tired to do anything else. Yet she pushed her to do more and more. She
pushed her to audition for a prestigious school Janet didn’t want to be
enrolled in. Right before the audition Janet became sick, she couldn’t
even stand. Her husband, Sanford, said Janet should be taken to the
hospital but you refused to take her. When Sanford suggested postponing
the audition she said, and we quote: "You can’t postpone this. There are
so many girls trying out. They’ll choose their quota before she has a
chance to compete. Stand up you ungrateful urchin. Stand up!" She tried
to push Janet to compete and Janet passed out.

When Janet came to in the hospital Celine was not the loving parent, she
were upset that poor Janet ruined your plans. She was trying to fulfill
her dreams through Janet, and when she realized that was not to be, she
went MAD. Celine neglected Janet’s needs from day one.

Celine Delorice was a selfish and horrible parent.

Verdict: GUILTY

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Quotable Quotes
By Raven Doll

*Fallen Hearts*

"I'm tired of dreams that die, dreams that were really too airy and weak
to last or grow stronger as we grow older. I want to believe in someone
Heaven, page 6.

Reverend Wayland Wise, page 19, to Heaven:
"You are the most dangerous kind of female the world can ever know. A
great many will love you for your beautiful face, for you seductive body;
but you will fail them all, because you will believe they all fail you
first. You are an idealist of the most devastatingly tragic kind--the
romantic idealist. Born to destroy and to self-destruct."
He doesn't sound much like a reverend, does he?

"And how should newlyweds look?" [Logan]
"Full of hope and laughter, their love for each other so obvious even the
most insensitive person would look at them and smile to himself," the
stewardess recited as if from her own lifelong dream.
Page 25.

Now we know what's the most important thing to Heaven:
"[Memories] They were like the perennial fruits--apples, peaches,
plums--that blossomed on the trees over and over again every year. No
matter how old the trees were, there was always some fruit, something
fresh and wonderful. Good and happy memories, especially memories that
made you more aware of life's thrilling moments, were the fruits of life's
labor." Page 154.

"I didn't care. I loved him. I would always love him. I wanted him to
consume me just as a flame consumed the kindling that fueled it. It
seemed appropriate that we would die in each other's arms and go up in the
smoke of our demanding passion. Never had I felt such passion for a man."
Heaven, page 161. And who wouldn't? We're talking about Troy Tatterton

Logan makes a promise to Heaven:
"Whenever you need me, I'll always be there."
Page 170. I think that's sweet...

Troy writes:
"I expect you and I shall never set eyes upon each other again or touch
each other the way we touched each other last night. But the memory of
you is so engraved in my heart that I take you with me no matter where I
Page 177.

You tell her Heaven!
"We shouldn't depend on other people's tragedies for our entertainment."
Page 194.

Logan and Fanny?
"It's Logan who made me pregnant, that's what," she said. "I'm the one
havin' yer husband's baby, not you?"
Page 196.

"I feel sorry for you, Fanny," I said. "You're like a flower planted in
Heaven, page 219.

~Happy Easter!~

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Battle of the Sexes
By Lady Heaven

*The Lady Heaven's Least Favorite Hero Award*
(Caution: This article contains spoilers!)

After rereading all the VCA and Ghostwriter books, I have decided that I
would announce who my least favorite hero in all of the books is. I admit,
all of them have faults but there is one whom I feel is undeserving of the
love and devotion given to him by the heroine and the reasons why. And the
winner of the Lady Heaven's Least Favorite Hero Award is...Arden Lowe!

The first reason why I dislike Arden, and the most important is that he
stood like a statue and watched the girl he loved suffer through the worst
kind of degradation a woman could ever experience in her life. He explains
to Audrina that he ran to get help. This was noble of him, but he could
have at least tried to fight those three boys. They were in the
woods...wouldn't there have been some rocks around to hit the rapists in
their disgusting heads? We know that people placed in dangerous situations
can sometimes accomplish the impossible once the adrenaline gland takes
control. Perhaps he would have defeated all three boys using his bare

The second reason why I dislike Arden is because of his behavior on his
wedding night. He knew that Audrina was terrified of sex and instead of
being patient, he allowed his lust to control him and forced her to submit
to him. He also didn't seem to mind that Audrina's sister was close by.
That kind of indiscretion bothers me a great deal. His lust also seems to
take control in places that it doesn't belong. While he and Audrina are
arguing about her being the "First Audrina", he manages to seduce her in a
cemetery! This shows a lack of respect for the pour souls buried there as
well as Audrina.

The third reason why I dislike Arden is his behavior while Audrina was in
a coma. Audrina's older sister Vera convinces him that Audrina would be
better off dead. Arden tells Vera that he doesn't want Audrina to die
because he loves her and then he turns around and says he loves Vera too.
I have a very difficult time believing this because Arden's idea of love
is very distorted. It is more like lust. And for this reason he has earned
my Least Favorite Hero Award.

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Olivia's Observations
By Stand-In Writer Olivia Gordon

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*Comparison of Cutler Vs Hudson Series*

The Hudson series is finally complete and has left a lot of fans with a
sense of déjà vu. You too, you ask? Yeah. We saw it as well. Let's
discuss some of the observations made.

1. Main Heroine: Dawn Vs. Rain
-Both grow up with families they believe to be their own however in book
one they both find out their parents aren't really their 'parents.'
-Both are sent to live with their true families.
-Both's mothers are embarrassed by them, resent them in some ways.
-Both have brother-figures who are in love with them.

2. The Brother Figures: Jimmy Vs. Roy
-Both grew up thinking the heroine was their sister.
-Both, despite thinking they were blood-related, grew fond of the heroine
in a way not resembling siblings.
-Both joined the army to better themselves.

3. The Real Brothers: Philip Vs. Brody
-Both were real blood relation brothers who were in love with the main
heroine before they found out they were related.
-Both were delusional in their love for them.

4. The Evil Sisters: Clara Sue Vs. Alison
-Both felt resentment towards the main heroine before and after they found
out the truth about being siblings.
-Both would do anything in their power to see the main heroine unhappy.
-Both hated themselves so much that they were lose and wild.
-Both were portrayed as someone less attractive than the main heroine.
(Clara Sue = chubby; Alison = braces and zits)

5. The Frail Mothers: Laura Sue Vs. Megan
-Both mothers resented the reappearance of their illegitimate daughters.
-Both seemed to be embarrassed about their daughters existence.
-Both conceived the main heroine outside of their marriages and were
shrouded in secrecy.
-Both believed in out of sight, out of mind. (Dawn was sent away to New
York. Rain was sent to Grandmother Hudson's home.)

6. The Better Mothers: Sally Jean Vs. Latisha
-Both, though not the main heroine's real mothers, doted on their
-Both worked themselves very hard, hoping to give their children better
-Both gave birth to one boy, one girl, and "adopted" one girl.
-Both had drunken husbands.
-Both died early in their lives due to illness.

The similarities are uncanny and if you had a sense of déjà vu when
reading Hudson, then you are not alone...These were just a few. Until
next time...

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Heavenly Reviews
By Stand-In Writers:
The Portrait Doll (Pros) & The Attic Mouse (Cons)

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*All That Glitters*

From my point of view this was the best book of the Landry series.
Everything else is minute in comparison. It has soul, excitement,
mystery, tragedy: the essential ingredients for a great storyline!

This book reveals new twists and plots and leave the reader with his/her
mouth agape as more and more happens.

Rating from 1-10 (10 being best), I would rate this book a nine. It's not
the Dollanganger series but it's pretty close.

There wasn't much about this book that I didn't like. It was hard to find
anything really bad however I found a few notes here and there that made
up some of the worst cons.

First of all, WHAT was Ruby thinking? Okay, so Paul was her half-brother.
Who would you have chosen? Sweet, kind and caring Paul who loved Ruby
regardless or whiny, spoiled Beau who loved himself more than anyone?

Okay, don't say eeewwww. If I had to chose, it'd be Paul.

Also, another "what was she thinking?" Why on earth did she go along with
that plot to "be Gisselle?" Didn't she know what Paul would do?! Didn't
she KNOW Gladys would give her hell? Could this have been avoided!?

Other than that, I agree with Portrait Doll. The plots were interesting
and kept you riveted for hours! Still, if it had been me....I'd have
chosen differently. But hey, this is VC we're talking about!

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