Eternally Andrews, Feb 2000 Issue, Volume 11

Eternally Andrews
August 2000 Issue
Volume 11
1. Quotable Quotes: My Sweet Audrina (Adare Spoilers)
2. Society Column: Birthday of Lillian Cutler (Cutler Spoilers)
3. Feature Book: Heaven (Casteel Spoilers)
4. Feature Character: Pearl Andreas (Landry Spoilers)
5. Heavenly Reviews: Petals on the Wind (Dollanganger Spoilers)
6. Excuses, Excuses: Olivia Logan (Logan Spoilers)
7. Obituaries: Frances Hudson (Hudson Spoilers)
8. Ask Doctor Dumas
9. Best V.C. Andrews Site of the Month
10. Theory Corner: Orphans (Orphans Spoilers)
11. Editors Note
12. Advertisers
13. Copyright and Legal
By Raven Doll

*My Sweet Audrina*

A little note: This is my favorite VC Andrews book, tied with the
Flowers in the Attic series. I believe that Audrina and the Adares are probably the most dysfunctional family VC has ever written about.

"Step on black, live forever in a shack.
Step on green, never be clean.
Step on blue, work will never be through.
Step on yellow, hear the world bellow.
Step on red, soon be dead."
---Vera's poem, page 9.

"Don't judge women by what you see in paintings and statues. Judge
them only by what you yourself know about the women in your life. The day any man understands any woman will be the day the world comes to an end. Men are hateful, contrary creatures who say they want goddesses to put on pedestals. Once they have them up there, they rip off the halo, tear off the gown, slice off the wings so they can't fly and then kick the pedestal away so the woman falls at his feet and he can scream out as he kicks her, tramp!--or worse."
---Man-hating Aunt Ellsbeth, page 10.

Audrina wonders on page 16, "Why did I have to have an older sister
dead and in her grave by the age of nine? Why did I have to be named after a dead girl? It seemed peculiar, unnatural. I hated the First Audrina, the Best Audrina, the Good and Perfect and Never Wrong Audrina."

Audrina, and later Vera, both sing this song when locked in the First
Audrina's room.
"Just a playroom, safe in my home,
Only a playroom, safe in my home,
Got no tears, no fear,
And nowhere else to roam,
'Cause my papa wants me to always stay home,
Safe in my playroom, safe in my home."
---Page 45.

Aunt Ellsbeth begins one of the many teatimes with this quip, "Yes,
Mercy Marie, we do understand why you're always tardy. Running away from those passionate savages must be very exhausting. But you really should know it's been rumored about that you were cooked in a pot by a cannibal chief and eaten for dinner. Lucietta and I are delighted to see that was only a malicious rumor."
---Page 55.

"Someday I'm going to bring down this house and everyone in it," she
hissed in a deadly voice, "and you'll be the first I fell. Remember that if
you never remember anything else, Second and Worst Audrina."
---Vera, page 78. The girl's got issues.

I woke up to see my room pale and foggy. The sun was only a rosy glow
on the horizon. Still tired, I fell again into dreams, and this time Momma
came and hugged me, and told me I was the best and most wonderful daughter, and she'd be seeing me some day soon. "Be a good girl, obey Papa," she whispered as she kissed me. I didn't hear her words, only felt that's what she said. I watched her fade away, until she was part of one rose-colored cloud that shimmered like some of her fancy evening gowns.
--Audrina's vision of her mother's last few seconds at Whitefern, page 133.

...and that's when the front door opened.
A woman stood there, tall and slender, wearing a smart hat of many
shades of green feathers. A mink cape was slung casually over one
shoulder, and her green shoes matched her very expensive-looking green suit.
"Hi," she said in a sultry voice. "Here I am, back again. Don't
you remember me, sweet Audrina?"
---Hell comes back to Whitefern with Vera's appearance, page 282.

Vera's idea of a chore list, page 291:

1. Vacuum, dust, use furniture polish. (Mirrors, huge, gold leaf, worth a
2. Pick up newspapers, arrange magazines, neatly. (Lamps, Tiffany,
Venetian, solid brass, priceless.)
3. Should make beds before coming downstairs. (Genuine antiques
everywhere now, oil paintings, originals.)
4. Help with laundry. Don't use bleach on towels. (Oriental and
Chinese rugs, bric-a-brac of porcelain, blown glass, especially birds.)
5. Run for mail early. Never forget! (Checks stored in his office
---Never seen so many checks come in the mail.)

Audrina learns the horrible, horrible truth from Damian on page 369,
"My sweet Audrina ... haven't you guessed yet? Haven't I explained and
explained and given you all the clues you need? Vera is not my First Audrina ... you are."

"Arden and I would begin again in Whitefern, and if this time we
failed, we'd begin a third time, a fourth..."
---Audrina's never-give-up spirit (that or she's resigned herself she can't do any better), page 403.

Next month awaits....

By Daphne Dumas

*Grandmother Cutler's Birthday Party*

The 60th birthday of Lillian Cutler, owner of the exclusive Cutler's
Cove in Virginia Beach was quite the social affair. A long line of
guests waited patiently to give her their best for her coming next year.
Among them were Bronson Alcott, owner of the most successful bank in the
area, (and if you ask me he certainly could have dressed up more,
considering how prosperous he is. A simple coat and tie when this was a
tuxedo affair?) and the family lawyer, Mr. Updike, who was with his wife,
and at least he had the decency to dress accordingly. There were several
other important members of the community as well, but they didn't hold
as high positions as these two.

The highlight of the evening for most people (myself and Lillian
excluded) was Dawn Cutler, Lillian's granddaughter, singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a gift. A gift???? Gifts cost money, they aren't free.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad affair. I give it 5 stars.

Until next month, the Reigning Society Queen, Daphne Dumas.
By The Pharaoh Adare


In the dark woods of West Virginia, among the entire mountain shacks and the rags, one smart and pretty girl exists. Her name is… Heaven Casteel.

In her young life she has had to deal with poor living, a callous father, and a spiteful and slave driver stepmother. But among the cruelty, Heaven has her angelic things in life. Her grandmother, her brother, and her other siblings keep the young girl holding onto her pride and dreams. With this in hand, she tries to make a better life, not only for herself but also for the ones that she loves the most. But troubling obstacles distract her from those goals.

These obstacles contain the dark secrets of Heaven’s past …and… future.
By Clara Sue Cutler

*Pearl Andreas*

Pearl Andreas was born in a shack in Houma, LA. during a hurricane. She
wasn't brought to a hospital but was born right in the little shack,
helped into the world by her Uncle Paul. She lived in the little shack with
her mother for a while and then moved into a grand house with her Uncle
Paul, who she just thought of as her Daddy. They didn't seem to stay long before she was whisked away to another big house, but Uncle Paul wasn't there, there was a new man and her Mommy.

Pearl had a very happy childhood and was given everything that money
could buy and a great life. She was very smart in school and was popular. She even had younger twin brothers who loved her, even when they played tricks on her. She was spoiled by her parents and got along great with the family servants.

At her graduation from high school she was valedictorian of her class.
She plays on going to college and becoming a doctor, which her family is
very proud of. All of Pearl's high school friends were laid back and didn't
think much about anything but Pearl was always thinking, even when she was making out with her boyfriend. While she was in the girls bathroom getting ready for graduation with the other girls she complained of second hand smoke. The girls, annoyed that she would say that and jealous of Pearl got a hold of her graduation speech and put it in a toilet, and it was ruined. But when she got up to recite it she didn't even need the paper, she had memorized it.

Afterward Pearl's family threw a graduation party for her at their
house. Ruby, Pearl's mother, had painted a portrait for her gift and was going to unveil it that night. When she unveiled it everyone gasped it was a
picture of Pearl in her graduation gown and behind her a picture of Pearl
dressed as a doctor. It was beautiful and Pearl could hardly contain her tears of happiness.

Also that night, her boyfriend, Claude was pressuring Pearl to have sex
with him. Everytime they almost did it, Pearl would stop him and he was
getting frustrated with her. But he thought tonight would be the night for
them, but Pearl was still unsure of it all. Mad, Claude dumped Pearl and went off with another girl.

That summer Pearl had an internship at a local hospital. She became a
CNA and caught the eye of a a young intern, trying to become a doctor, Jack Weller. He suggested that she should come over to his apartment and he could give her some advice about college and maybe they could study some, Pearl thought it would be a good idea to be a little more prepared for college so she agreed. But once she got there she found out Jack's real motives, which were for them to have sex, which Pearl certainly didn't want to do so she left. But he told her she was cold and would never fall in love. This shook Pearl up, was she a total book worm that couldn't love a man?

To cheer his wife up, Beau decided to take the family on a short
vacation to a cabin. Thinking it would make them all feel happy and relaxed they went. But tragedy struck, poor Jean was struck by a snake and drowned in a little lake. He didn't make it and Ruby felt as though it was her fault for spending too long at a party and not getting to talk to Nina, the family cook and someone involved in voodoo, before she had died. Pierre so shocked and depressed that his twin brother and best friend had died he fell into a coma.

Ruby feeling that she had to right the wrong she made ran from the
family's house, when Pierre needed her the most, and went on a strange voodoo quest to fix the past. She thought if she accomplished what a voodoo queen told her she could make Pierre better.

Pearl didn't like all the voodoo things and tried to stop her mother
but it didn't work. So she did the next best thing she was going to go back to the town she was born in, Houma, and find her mother. Pearl tried to get
her Daddy to go with her but he was lost in alcohol and seemed no help at

She decided to go to her Uncle Paul's house, though he had been dead
for years and no one lived there, she thought her Mommy might have went
there. After her first trip to Houma with her Daddy she had met Jack, a man
who worked for the oil wells on her Uncle Paul's land. He even was in
charge of her well. So when she went there again she went to the trailer where Jack had been before. Jack was there and went with her into the house. During the whole time Pearl stayed there Jack was there for her and pretty quickly they fell in love with each other. They kept checking the house and finally found evidence of Ruby being in the house. Finally Jack and Pearl found Ruby but she seemed as though in a daze, Pearl wanted to get her out of it but Jack told Pearl to let her finish. When she did, it was over, she felt as though she had broken the curse that had been over their family.

Ruby went to Pierre but he seemed to be totally dead, with no sign of
hope. Pearl and Beau made Ruby come home to sleep but during the night she got up to go to Pierre and called them in the middle of the night, Pierre had spoke to her! He was awake! Another stream of sunshine came into Pearl's life Jack came to visit her!

On and off throughout the summer and school year Pearl and Jack took
turns visiting each other. Pierre kept getting better and better, though he
still felt a little lost without Jean. Surprising Pearl as well as Ruby
Jack restored the little shack that Ruby had grew up in and Pearl had been
born in. Pearl's life had it's ups and downs and sometimes her confidence
faltered but she always pulled back strong and ready to take the next
By April Summers (PROS) and Jessica Doll (CONS)

*"Petals on the Wind"*

"But how we managed to survive--that's another story." was the
final quote from "Flowers in the Attic" and there, I would have to agree,
what a different story indeed. What a trip "Petals on the Wind" takes us on,
emotionally that is. From the heart-wrenching departure of Chris to the
bitter and untimely end of Bart, this book was a great one. Twists and turns uncovered with each page, from Cathy and Paul's love affair, to Cathy
and Julian's marriage and the eventual conception of Jory, to the unforgettable death of Carrie and the affair with her mother's husband, Bart, and finally to the sad but unfortunately expected death of Paul. This book was the perfect sequel to "Flowers in the Attic". At certain points in this story, I wanted to just shake Cathy and made her see what was right in front of her face but that's what is so powerful about book, the emotional highs and lows that V.C. Andrews is able to take you on. In my opinion, this book was extremely well-written and I have to applaud the writing, especially since the character's personalities remained true to what they were in the first book. So, in this writer's opinion, this was a great book and a wonderful sequel to the book that really put V.C. Andrews on the map. Until next time...

This was one of my favorite books in the Doll series
so it was kind of hard to find the cons in this book.
One thing I found was how possessive Cathy was of
Chris. She knew Chris had always wanted to be a
doctor, but she made him choose between going to
college or having her. If she really loved him (no
matter how disgusting it may be), then wouldn't she
want him to go after his dream? But then again, maybe
she was so desperate for love...I'm really not sure.
It just struck me as a tad bit selfish. But what can
you expect from Cathy right?

There wasn't really anything else in the story that I
didn't like, it was pretty much all well written. :)
By Stacie Casteel

Dear Diary,

I am writing this journal entry in my new home! I feel that Foxworth Hall is far too grand and large to be called a 'home' though. Home is a place that you know every nook and cranny of. This place…..well it is huge!! So much bigger than my old home. The thought of that house brings tears to my eyes. Mother, Father and me had so many good times there…that truly was a house filled with love. My mother, my beautiful, loving Mother. How I miss her. And how I hate that disease for taking her from me. Her death has made my ambition to go to medical school even more important to me. If I can spare just one person the pain I am gong through right now, all my hard work will be worth it.

But I think this house will be a happy place. I have been made to feel very welcome by all my family. It seems odd to think of these people as my family, they are virtual strangers to me. But they are here for me in my time of need and that's what family is all about.

John Amos serves at butler here at Foxworth Hall. He is a deeply religious man and I enjoy discussing the scriptures with him. He has a very different interpretation than I do, but that doesn't mean it is any less valid. He is a most interesting man to talk to. And I will always be grateful to him for performing the lovely service at my mother's funeral.

Olivia is exactly as I remember her. She is not a terribly affectionate woman, like mother was, but her eyes betray her. There is a warmth in them when we speak that I hope is there because of good memories. I remember when mother went away for so long, Olivia and I grew very close like a real mother and son should be. Mother always spoke so highly of Olivia. Not that mother spoke too much about her days at Foxworth Hall. I think Olivia is a very wise and kind woman and I hope that my presence can help her in some small way to get over the deaths of Mal and Joel.

Malcolm is far more formal than Olivia. It seems strange to think that he is my brother. But he is a very smart man…well he'd have to be to have built up his fortune the way he has. We had a long conversation abut my schooling. He is going to supply me with everything I could possibly need and is demanding nothing in return. How strange that he can be ruthless in his business dealings, yet he will give freely to a boy he has really never met. There is a generous man underneath his hard exterior. From my limited observations of Foxworth Hall it seems that there is one person who brings out the good in Malcolm, and that is his daughter Corrine.

Corrine is a beautiful girl and it seems she is going to be a lot of fun to be around. It really is a pity that we are related. You can tell just from looking at us that we are related. We both have the same hair, eyes, complexion. In fact, she looks a lot like my mum would have when she was younger.

I think I am going to enjoy living at Foxworth Hall. Even though it seems very strange to hear my surname connected to the word 'Hall'. Signing off now from what has been one of the longest days in my life.

Christopher Garland Foxworth
(the man who can find good in everyone)
Excuses, Excuses
By Stand-In Writer
---Writer Needed for This Column (email:

*Olivia Logan*

A sad existence reigned for our Queen of Provincetown. Destined to be the great "leader" of her family, Olivia Gordon Logan, the illegitimate Gordon might I add, ruled with a strict hand over her family.

In the duration of her life, Olivia is guilty of the following:
*Blackmail (The blackmailed sex with Nelson Childs in exchange for her silence that he had impregnated Belinda)
*Committing Family Members to Asylums (i.e. Belinda, Samuel, and Laura)
*Deceitfulness (Placing Laura into the hospital while allowing her parents to believe she was dead)

And although Olivia believed she did everything for the benefit of family, she died alone. No one believed in her any more, no one loved her. Her acts AGAINST the family made the Logan's miserable for most of their life. Her death was not tragic but a new beginning for the family to start over.

Court adjourned.
By Stand-In Writer
---Writer Needed for This Column (email:

*Frances Hudson*

The unfortunate death of Frances Hudson has left her family in turmoil. Seemingly, her granddaughter, Rain Arnold, is left as sole executor to her estate and we have heard through the grapevine that this is something that has her family questioning. Our anchor spoke with one, Victoria Hudson, single daughter of the late Mrs. Hudson, who insisted: "Mother wasn't in her right mind. She just wasn't thinking when she made the changes in the will. My lawyers and Megan's have this under investigation. We want what is rightfully ours."

Mrs. Hudson leaves behind her daughters, Megan Randolph and Victoria Hudson, and her grandchildren, Brody Randolph, Alison Randolph, and Rain Arnold. May she rest in peace.

VC Fan, Jenna, asks: "When is the next Hudson book due out and what is it called?"

Jenna - Eye of the Storm, the next book due out from the Hudson series, is said to be in bookstores in September 2000. Keep your eyes open!

Have a question for Doc? Email him at

A wonderful fan fiction site was nominated this month. It is a MUST SEE! Such hard work shouldn't go unnoticed!!! :)
By Luke Jr
-Looking for main writer for this column with
assistance from Luke Sr and Jr

Reading VC Andrews has been a hobby of mine since hmmm 1995. Yep I became a fan around the time Dawn was finishing and people were awaiting the coming out of the next book in the Landry series, and of course as the story goes, I was hooked. Nothing could tear me away from Casteel and for that matter Doll, and I even managed to enjoy Cutler So when we as VCA fans heard about the miniseries, did anyone ask "Just what is Neiderman thinking?" I know I did, but like almost every loyal VCA fan I got the books.

Orphans was the story of Butterfly, Crystal, Brooke and Raven, four girls who had one thing in common; they had no parents. Oh I forgot, they had one other thing in common too. They all wanted to runaway. So what can I say about this series that you may not have thought of? Well, there were a lot of similarities…

Well, I can definitely say that The Orphans were not Casteel and not Doll…they were four books about four different girls who are thrown together for the fifth book…okay maybe they weren't thrown together.

Lets start with Butterfly. Book one was about Janet the delicate little butterfly who was small for her age and only wanted to be loved.. Remind you of someone? Just think back to another small girl, who was tiny for her age, delicate like a butterfly and only wanted the love of a mother…her mother. Put all those traits together and you have Carrie Dollanganger. Unfortunately, their small statures and delicacy are the only traits that these too shared. Only Janet ended up with a happy ending at last.

Next we have Crystal. The smart one, the logical one, she wanted to be a doctor…just like Pearl Andreas. Of course like Pearl, the fact that Crystal was smart didn’t stop her from making some misguided mistakes. I think Crystal could have been a very interesting character if she was more developed.

The element of dance was apparent in the Orphan series. Much like Julian Marquet of Doll, Dimitri was the Male ballerina who had it all. Style, grace, charm…arrogance. Too bad we were never to know if Butterfly and Dimitri could possibly be another Cathy and Julian or even Melodie and Jory…well maybe not but it would have been interesting. Dimitri could have taught Butterfly a lot, and he could have maybe given her that love she so wanted.

You know, now that I am thinking about it there are plenty of similarities between the characters we know and love, and the characters we met ever so briefly in Orphans. Jillian for instance was portrayed in Brooke, in the form of her foster mom Pamela. Crystal’s foster parents met the same fate as the Casteel characters and the two Chris’ in Dollanganger. I’m sure there were others and if you would like to see them go visit our very own editor’s page the link is at the bottom of the newsletter.

Okay I’m not going to give an overall opinion of this series. All I’ll say is that it could have been better. You be the judge you’ll either like it or hate it.

If any of you have attempted to email me, you have found out about the personal crisis at home. If not, it's too lengthy to go into but things are slowly getting better. In the meantime, this EA issue was pulled together quickly because I was running a few days behind. Enjoy our August Issue.

Thanks again to our wonderful writers and thank you to the readers who keep this newsletter alive. We have over 300 subscribed now!!! That is amazing!


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