Eternally Andrews
August 2001 Issue
Volume 18

1. Excuses, Excuses: Celine Delorice (Orphan Spoilers)
2. Feature Book: Cinnamon (Shooting Star Spoilers)
3. Olivia's Observations: Life as a Cutler (Cutler Spoilers)
4. Feature Character: Grandmere Catherine (Landry Spoilers)
5. Obituaries: Alicia Foxworth (Dollanganger Spoilers)
6. Society Column: Engagement of Cary and Melody (Logan Spoilers)
7. Theory Corner: Casteel Astrology (Casteel Spoilers)
8. Battle of the Sexes: Life as Illusion (Adare Spoilers)
9. Heavenly Reviews: Jade (Wildflower Spoilers)
10. Dear Diary: Harley (Hudson Spoilers)
11. Quotable Quotes: Garden of Shadows (Dollanganger Spoilers)
12. Editors Note
13. Advertisers
14. Copyright and Legal


Excuses, Excuses
By Tom Casteel

Celine Delorice

"Celine Delorice you have been charged with failure as a parent."

Lawyer Casteel:
"When Celine Delorice was younger she had a promising career as a
dancer. Then a tragic accident ripped her dreams away from her. She
was left crippled and heart broken. She couldn't have children so
she went to an orphanage and adopted one. She didn't just adopt any
child, she adopted a child who had the right physical body to become
a dancer."

"She chose Janet Taylor a young impressionable girl. All Janet
wanted was to be someone's little girl. She thought Celine was going
to be her loving mother. She did everything to please her; she took
dancing lessons until she was too tired to do anything else. Yet
Celine pushed her to do more and more."

"You pushed her to audition for a prestigious school she didn't want
to be enrolled in. Right before the audition she became sick. She
couldn't even stand. Your husband Sanford said she should be taken
to the hospital but you refused to take her. When Sanford suggested
postponing the audition you said and I quote: 'You can't postpone
this. There are so many girls trying out. They'll choose their
quota before she has a chance to compete. Stand up you ungrateful
urchin. Stand up!' You tried to push her to compete and she passed
out. When she came to in the hospital you were not the loving
parent, you were upset that she ruined your plans. You were trying
to fulfill your dreams through Janet, and when you realized that was
not to be you went MAD."

"You neglected Janet's needs from day one. You were selfish and a
horrible parent!"

Verdict: GUILTY


Feature Book
By Cary Logan


Amidst of her mother's breakdowns, her grandmother's overbearing
control, her father's deceptions, and her family's turmoil, Cinnamon
creeped into the shadows and dreamt of an imaginary worlds and

Her mother miscarried once before. She wanted to try again. Now
she's 40 and got pregnant. However, her mother-in-law disapproved
everything from her taste of fashion to her choice of furniture. She
harassed Cinnamon and her mother for being dreamy and thinking
unrealistic. Now Cinnamon's mother lost her second baby, which led
her to be institutionalized because of her breakdowns.

Left alone in the confusing world, she turned to a young man who
shared English with her. Together they found her father not showing
concerns for her mother. Later, they shared tender moments together
in the attic where her mother and Cinnamon created stories of people
who used to live in the mansion with the evidence of faded
photographs in the trunk and a small graveyard underneath the lone
tree. The grandmother caught them in loving moments and had
Cinnamon's boyfriend sent to military school.

Alone again, Cinnamon renews her determination to bring back her
mother from her dark world. She coaxed and pleaded her mother to
move on from her miscarriage. She repeatedly told her mother that
she need her here and now. Her mother came, finally mourned for her
lost child, and accepted the way it is.

Due to her active mind, Cinnamon discovered that she has a talent in
acting. With her mother on her side once again, Cinnamon eventually
emerged from the shadows and got accepted at Senetsky School of
Performing Arts.


Olivia's Observations
By Olivia Foxworth

Life as a Cutler

As I sat down to re-read for the first time in many years the
enchanting Cutler series; I wondered what route I would take. What
would scream out from the pages of the books that keep us all coming
back for more? In the first paragraph of "Darkest Hour", our tales
origins, I found the over-riding theme behind the Cutler's. In one
word: Cinderella.

You all know who she is and if you were anything like me growing up,
you too wished for a knight in shining armor to come and whisk you
away to some fairy-tale life. Granted, in each series we see the
rags-to-riches tale of a heroine and in each we inevitably end up
hating the wicked family she was truly born into. Now whether it be
the popular Disney version or the true version written with a much
more grim ending for Cinderella, does any other series follow this
fairy-tale as closely as the Cutler's do? True, there are a few
different twists and the roles change as we move through the books
but its Cinderella - modernized.

Our first Cinderella comes to us in the persona of Lillian Booth. In
the beginning, we find her living that fairy-tale life with a beloved
parent, Georgia, who think the sun rises and sets with her two
youngest children. Lillian is loved by all of the servants due to
her immense kindness. The only two who do not seem to love Lillian
are Jed and Emily, the self-appointed wicked stepparent and
stepsister. Despite the many lies Emily accused Lillian of in their
childhood, Lillian tried to at least like Emily. Sometimes it ran
more along the lines of pity though. Then the "death" of Lillian's
beloved mother, Georgia, and Lillian's boyfriend changes everything.
Yes, we all know Georgia did not die until later in the story but she
had already withdrawn into her world of make-believe so she was as
good as dead. It was thought Lillian would bring nothing but shame
upon the family so Jed and Emily decided that she should give up all
of her beautiful things. The only way to redeem herself would be to
humble herself in every way. She would wear only sack cloth dresses
and cloddish shoes. She was made to feel less than the rest of the
servants at the plantation. And in that time and age, given that
most had parents who had been slaves, meant Lillian was about as
important as dirt.

Every morning she was to wake up and wash her sister's feet, change
out the chamberpots for Emily and Jed, take care of some of the
cleaning. Her lot in life only became worse when she became pregnant
by Jed. Of course, this was seen as her fault as well. What our poor
Cinderella did not know was that her Prince Charming would come and
arrive in the package of wealthy, young Bill Cutler.

She was wrong when she said, "Instead of a prince, I had a
businessman who won me in a card game and just like a chip that is
tossed across the table, I was tossed from one world into another."
Bill Cutler was her prince. Although he won her home and her in a
simple card game, Lillian was whisked away to a world where she was
able to find happiness and beauty once more. She had been taken away
from the wicked family that had not wanted her in the first place.

Years have passed and sadly we find history repeating itself. Dawn
Longchamp grows up in a poor but loving family of four. She has an
adoring father and mother and a brother that would do anything to
protect his sister. When the Longchamp children begin to attend a
prestigious school filled with the most elite people. Dawn fulfills
her role as our second Cinderella with her ever hope-filled attitude
towards life. She tries to find good in everyone and dreams that
even she will find her prince.

Unfortunately, she thinks that he comes in the handsome and kind
package of Philip Cutler. Boy does she have a surprise coming for
her! Soon fate deals Dawn a dirty hand by killing off her precious
mother, Sally Jean. But with this death, Dawn is thrust into the
cruel hands of Lillian Cutler, now starring as the wicked
stepmother. Dawn's own mother is too useless to actually be a human
being so we will discount her from the Cinderella effect.

As soon as Dawn arrived, she was treated like a servant and made to
live in a small room away from the family so that she would know her
true place in the Cutler world. Let's see we've covered the beloved
parent dying and leaving our Cinderella with her wicked stepmother.
Oh goodness, I have forgotten our ever-pleasant co-villain, the
wicked stepsister, Clara Sue. She makes Dawn's life a living hell,
blackmailing her into cleaning her room, making her take care of her
clothing and all the while Dawn hopes that maybe they might become

Of course, the original Prince is taken away because he is now her
brother. As time passes, Dawn finds herself in trouble and she is
sent away to where the evil began, The Meadows, Lillian's childhood
home and hell. In "Secrets of the Morning," we find the role of
wicked stepmother has kind of passed to Emily Booth, our former
wicked stepsister. She is turned into a slave, dressed in plain
simple dresses. The room she is forced to sleep in gives no
pleasure. It is plain with drably colored walls and no window.
Everything she has now is to remind her of how simple her life must
be and at the same time remind her of her station in life.
Immediately, Emily gives her a list of rules. Single-handedly Dawn
is given the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of the
large plantation home. Everyday, she is to perform the same tasks
over and over. Cleaning dishes, scrubbing floors, changing the
chamberpots. And despite the evils that are committed against Dawn
and her unborn child, deep in her heart she prays for her knight.
And his name is Jimmy Longchamp, a boy she once called brother.

In one fell swoop, Dawn is rescued from the Meadows, taken back to
the hotel where she finds she is now the heir apparent of everything,
and soon after the two have begun their love-filled days with a new
marriage and Dawn's baby, Christie. Well, maybe he had nothing to
do with the hotel being passed into her hands but he didn't have to
let her stay for the reading of the will. Jimmy's a strong boy, I'm
sure he could have convinced her to leave once they knew where
Christie was.

Although her life ends up not being quite as tragic, Christie
Longchamp finishes our story as the final Cinderella. Once again we
find our heroine growing up loved by all. She is kind, intelligent,
beautiful, and hopeful that one day her shy, handsome prince will
reveal his true feelings and take her away. We won't mention Gavin
Longchamp's name. Darn, I am getting ahead of myself. We see
Christie's true story begin with the horrible death of her parents,
Dawn and Jimmy, in a fire.

In steps the wicked family starring the envious, resentful Betty Ann
as the wicked stepmother and her equally envious toads Melanie and
Richard as the wicked stepsiblings. Christie isn't forced into a
submissive role immediately but she is made to feel all is her fault
in the house if something goes wrong. Her Uncle Philip's deranged
attack on her forces Christie to run away, taking her young brother
with her. She calls on Gavin, AKA Prince Charming, and they all run
to the family home, The Meadows.

The three of them begin to start over with the help of the childlike
Charlotte and her male companion, the kind and gentle Luther. Here
Gavin and Christie profess their love and vow that there will never
be any other for the two of them. Oh but wait, the evil isn't over
yet. Our young Cinderella has yet to fulfill every detail of the

A new "stepsibling" shows up at The Meadows. Her name is Fern
Longchamp. Fern has always been jealous of Christie and now that she
knows Christie little secret and the reason she ran away, she wields
a little power over the fair princess. She is now forced into the
role of a servant, made to fix breakfast and clean up after Fern and
her atrocious boyfriend. As I said, Christie's version of Cinderella
is not quite as tragedy filled, she had less to overcome and was
never treated as horribly as her mother, Dawn, or Lillian. But in
the end we hope that her story will bring an end to the curse that
has fallen on the many Cutler heroines.

Hmmm... I finished looking over the series I discovered something new
that I had never really thought of before. For a place that was
supposed to be so magical and beautiful, The Meadows sure did wield
its fair share of evil and wrong doing. All of our heroines were
forced into hiding in this grand home and all three were treated like
slaves when they were there. It seemed to me this place was wrongly
depicted as a haven from the world. If you want to let me know your
thoughts on this theory, do so at tkilljoy@aol.com


Feature Character
By Clara Sue Cutler

Grandmere Catherine Landry

Catherine had once been a very pretty young lady and she has always
had traiteur, or spiritual healer. When she was young she met
handsome Jack Landry and fell in love, despite criticism from family
and friends. They were soon married. They had one daughter,
Gabrielle, and then Jack let his true colors shine through. Jack was
an alcoholic and a gambler. He gambled everything he could. He would
do anything for money, even sell his own family.

First when Gabrielle was about 16 she became pregnant, though she
refused at first to tell she finally told the parentage. The father
of her child was Octavious Tate, who was quite rich. Jack made a deal
and Gabrielle left her small home to live at the Tate's fine home.
Though she lived in the attic. Catherine visited her often and even
delivered her baby, a little boy. Gladys, Octavious' wife, was
pretending to have the baby herself, which scared Catherine and
Gabrielle somewhat.

After Gabrielle came back home she was never the same. Catherine felt
badly for her fairy-like daughter. Catherine was fed up with her
drunk of a husband too and when Gabrielle again became pregnant
Catherine hid the secret only she knew.

By the time Gabrielle gave birth Jack had already made a deal with
the father's family to give the baby to them. She had twins but
before Jack could deliver the other baby, a surprise, to the father's
family Catherine decided enough was enough. Before he could take the
baby away she smacked him in the face with a frying pan. Then she
watched her own daughter die.

Catherine raised Gabrielle's last child, Ruby, by herself. After
Gabrielle died Catherine kicked Jack out of the house, where he lived
in the swamps. Catherine made a living out of her traiteur and
selling crafts and food at a roadside stand. Catherine kept the
secret of Ruby's birth until it was going to be too late. Catherine
knew she would die soon and knew Ruby was too good to live in the
swamps. So with the best intentions Catherine told Ruby the secret of
her birth and her brother's birth. Ruby was shocked but promised that
she would find her father after Catherine died.

Catherine became tired soon after, and could never fully get her
strength back. During this time Ruby painted her portrait, which made
Catherine very proud. She had always been proud of Ruby's artistic

After helping so many people she could no longer help herself and she
died sitting on the porch of her small shack. People from all around
came to mourn Catherine Landry. She had done so much for all of the
small community of Houma. And Ruby kept her promise, finding her
family in New Orleans.


By Fern Longchamp

Alicia Foxworth

Alicia Foxworth, 37, passed away last month from a long and
exhausting fight with breast cancer. Ms. Foxworth had married twice
and twice she was widowed in her short life. Her recent surname was
unknown but friends say that she was once married to the late Mr.
Garland C. Foxworth of Virginia. The former Ms. Foxworth was a woman
loved by all. Friends say that she never had anything but a smile
and good cheer for those around her even in her darkest hours.


Society Column
By Daphne Dumas

The Engagement of Cary Logan and Melody Logan

I recently had the distinct pleasure of attending the engagement
party of Mr. Cary Logan, Provincetown, Cape Cod and Miss Melody
Logan, Mineral Acres, West Virginia. And if you are thinking what I
think you might be thinking, then you would be correct. Their union
will bring new meaning to the term "Kissing Cousins". I found out
that through a little polite questioning, Miss Logan is the grand-
niece of the late Mrs. Olivia Logan.

The affair was held in the late afternoon in the backyard of Mrs.
Olivia Logan's home, recently inherited by the young Miss Logan.
Despite the late time of the year, the yard was in full bloom. It
looked as if some of the flowers had been imported for the occasion
but they were all flowers native to the Cape. Giant sprays of
pansies, roses, and geraniums were displayed in large urns throughout
the yard. When seated, guests found a small music box in the shape
of a violin. When opened a delicate tune that the young Miss Logan
had played herself.

It was small and quaint but still gave the Who's Who of Provincetown
a glimpse of the life the newest premier couple would be sharing. In
attendance were notables such as the venerable Judge Nelson Childs,
the entire Logan family, the esteemed artist Kenneth Childs and his
wife, Miss Holly Brooks, of New York. Also in attendance were
friends from Provincetown and from Miss Logan's hometown in West
Virginia. It was truly an interesting sight to watch the high
society of the Cape mingle with the hill folk of West Virginia.
Really, has anyone actually ever heard of Mineral Acres? And when I
asked why the respected Mr. Ted Jackson and family were not there, it
was simply explained as they could not make it. But I thought you
would like to know that rumor has it that they were not even invited!

Many speeches were made, the music was lively and pleasant, and the
attire was elegant even though it was requested everyone dress in
light summer clothing. A large buffet was attended by a local
caterer. They served a variety of sandwiches of seafood and chicken
salads, cucumber with a light ranch paste, and pimento cheese. The
deviled crab cakes were exquisite and better than any I have had
before. There was punch for the children and champagne for the
adults. Watermelons had been crafted into baskets to hold a fruit
cocktail. For desert, each guest was served an individual red velvet
cake with cream cheese icing.

Before the evening was over, I managed a private conversation with
the couple. I learned that Mr. Logan was just venturing into the
boat building business and Miss Logan was going to be attending a
nearby college where she would study Music Education. They did not
reveal their wedding or honeymoon plans. Although, I am accustomed
to more formal affairs, the evening is not one I will forget and I
look forward to attending the nuptials in a few months.

Until next month,
Daphne Dumas


Theory Corner
By Luke Casteel Sr.

Casteel Astrology

V.C. Andrews went a long way in researching her characters before she
wrote books. This theory corner will deal with something everyone is
related to, but also something that they may not believe in.

Astrology, succinctly, is the effect the solar system or planetary
positions have on our daily lives and personalities.

Heaven was born February 22; thus she was a Pisces. Traditional
characteristics include: adaptability, tolerance and kindness. When
exceptionally hungry, they tend to eat too fast without chewing
properly (Does anyone here remember Jillian and the watercress
sandwich incident?) and they are usually under average height with
pale skin. Sounds just heavenly.

Troy, September ninth, was a Virgo, the sign of intellect. (Um, which
character graduated from Harvard at eighteen again?) The virgin
symbolizes quickness of the mind, or mental sharpness. Which one of
these best describes Troy Tatterton: well organized, efficient,
industrious or overly fastidious? This is my favorite
quote: "The 'craftsmen' of the zodiac. Their written and spoken
skills are excellent... the constant search for perfection and their
highly structured minds makes these natives incapable of relaxing.
The same quality that makes Virgoans such good craftsmen can cause
them unhappiness in their private lives, since nothing on this world
can meet their impossibly high standard."

The more I look at this... "Virgo is famous for its classical looks
and youthful appearance. They choose their partner carefully and only
get involved with someone who gives them security and confidence.
They find it difficult to demonstrate their feelings, but don't be
deceived, there is more than a dash of eroticism and sensuality to be
found." We should stop there -- it's getting creepy.

Could Fanny have been an Aries? Energetic, spontaneous and outgoing.
They are often willing to take risk. Individuals born under this sign
generally act on impulse, enjoy the spice of danger, act first and
think later. Their impulsive and hasty nature makes them impatient,
tactless, quick-tempered and aggressive. Aries natives' strong sex
drive makes them passionate lovers, but their desire for conquest and
the need to prove themselves can lead to a 'Femme Fatale' syndrome.

What about Luke Sr? A Scorpio: magnetic, mysterious and intense, they
will pursue their objective, often at any cost until they reach their
desired goal. This often results in outbursts of anger and
vindictiveness. Scorpions tend to be short with a swarthy complexion
and appear physically tough. For Scorpions, black is the ultimate
color. From the love making point of view, Scorpio is the most
passionate and sexually oriented of all the signs, (He should have
paid rent at Shirley's Place) but their jealousy and possessiveness
are equally well known.

Well, I think I've gone on and on enough. I hope you liked a taste of
this theory corner. Until next month. -Luke Casteel Sr.



Battle of the Sexes
By Lady Heaven

Life as Illusion

The Adares in My Sweet Audrina have a serious problem coping with
reality and live by their illusions. This in turn leads to tragedy.
The first character who has this problem is Lucietta. As she lies on
her chaise and reads her romance novels, she honestly believes that
her life can be like them. In truth her life is rather dull. She is
in an aging house all day, constantly battling with her older sister
about their history, and trying to please a husband who is so
determined to be success no matter what it takes.

Her sister, Ellsbeth, is more realistic than she is, but she has her
own illusions. She hopes that one day Damian will love her again as
much as he loved her sister but even after Lucietta's death this is
not possible.

The tragedy comes the day of Audrina's ninth birthday. As her friends
wait downstairs, Audrina returns home from school with her clothes
torn and her body bruised. Not able to believe such a thing could've
happened to her own child, Lucietta's scrubbing the evidence of the
rape from her daughter's skin harms her worse than the rape itself.

Damian, who loves his daughter more than anything, believes that by
turning back the clock and lying to Audrina about what really
happened, it will solve the problem. It does not. Audrina grows up
being terrified of men and sex, a common reaction after a rape but
she is not aware that she was the one raped until she is older.

Vera, the illegitimate child, ahas her own illusions. She believes
that Damian will love her as much as he loves Audrina, but no matter
how hard she tries, Damian refuses to accept her. To him, her birth
is a mistake. As a result of her father's indifference, Vera strikes
out at Damian's prized possession: Audrina.

Even Audrina has her own illusions, especially during her marriage.
She cannot respond to her husband's advances like a normal wife would
and this bothers him a great deal even though he knows why she acts
this way. Out of frustration, he turns to the person who would
rather see Audrina dead and this places a strain on the marriage.

The Adare family's problems with reality are fully recognized after
Audrina's rape. Living by illusions was not the best way to cope with
something that is every child's worst nightmare and it made the
problem worse for Audrina. But she still managed to survive because
she learned that living by illusions comes with a very high price.


Heavenly Reviews
By Rain Hudson


Jade is the 3rd book in the "Wildflowers" mini-series by the
ghostwriter. It stars a group of girls who are brought together by
their therapist to tell their stories. Jade's story is about a girl
basically torn apart by her jealous parents' devastating battle over
custody rights. This battle leads her to run away where she meets
with danger. She returns home, but the battle royal leads her to
overdose with sleeping pills, finally forcing her parents to wake up
to the truth about their little girl.


1. It was the first of the mini-series to truly feel like a VCA
novel. It had the dangerous situation with a male character, which
almost always happens in a VCA novel.

2. You could feel her anguish as she dealt with the changes in her


1. It was short. I have the same problem with all of the mini-books.

2. It was hard sympathizing with her. Even though you could feel her
pain, she still came across as a spoiled rich girl.


Dear Diary
By Stacie Casteel


Dear Diary,

Man this is so lame. Summer gave me this journal as a birthday
present and I was tempted to throw it out the window. Who wants to
write in this privately only to have someone like ROY find it later?

I guess, though, I will do anything to make Summer happy. If she
thinks jotting my thoughts on paper will let me vent my frustrations,
well, then maybe she is right.

Nothing much really happened today that would be considered
remarkable. (So if you ARE reading this, Roy, don't yell at me!) I
went to school and this guy, Lloyd Davidson, called me a punk
and....You guessed it. I punched him! Who wouldn't have? He's a
pimply-faced jerk!

I hate school now and I honestly feel privileged to be suspended for
two days. Maybe Aunt Rain will let me do some odd jobs around the
house. Anything but sitting in here listening to Mom groan and cry
all day. After all these years, all I want to tell her is get over
it! I loved Latisha, too, but it's been so long now....

I better stop while I am ahead. I have to go meet Summer out by the
lake at midnight. She has something "important to tell me." Wonder
what that could be?

Asta La Vista,


Quotable Quotes
By Stand-In Writer Grandpere Jack

***This section is available. Please email ShayRuby@yahoo.com if you
would be interested in handling it in the future.***

Garden of Shadows: Part One

"I have been forced to leave this record. Had others not decided to
tell my story for their own gain, the secrets of the Foxworths would
have been buried in my grave with me. Cruelty comes in many forms --
ignorance is one of them. Because of ignorance, I have been
judged." (Prologue, Olivia Foxworth)

Poor Olivia. Because of ignorance, someone married the wrong man and
hid four beautiful children. Judge not lest ye be judged... or is
that an eye for an eye? ;)

"There was a blush in my cheeks but I couldn't say if it was there
because of my healthy body or because of my nervousness. I was
nervous. I'd been through enough of those evenings before --
watching the man's face fall as he rose to greet me and I towered
over him.

I was merely rehearsing for another failure." (Page 10, Olivia soon
to meet Malcolm)

I wonder if it hadn't been better for her to have failed. *Shivers*
Who wants the likes of Malcolm and all his skeletons hidden.

"As I told you the first night, Mr. Winfield," he began, "I am quite
taken with your daughter. It is rare to find a woman with her poise
and dignity, a woman who can appreciate the pursuit of economic
success and grow gracefully with it." (Page 24, Malcolm Foxworth
asking for permission to marry Olivia.)

Think it helped that she was the opposite of his Mother?

"Like a foolish schoolgirl I believed I would lie beneath the blue
sky of Malcolm's eyes, and my tiny little blossom would grow into a
sturdy, long-lasting bloom. Like any woman stupidly believing in
love, I never realized that the blue sky I saw was not the warm,
soft, nurturing sky of spring, but the cold, chilling, lonely sky of
winter." (Page 27, Olivia after becoming engaged.)

Poor Olivia....She has so much to learn.

"He would press his lips to my shoulders; he would hold my hand
between his and gently stroke it. He would whisper his love for me
and press me closely to him. My size that had always been my burden
would arouse him. In his arms I would be a perfect fit, as graceful
and soft as any woman could be, for that was the power of love -- to
turn the ugliest of ducklings into a swan." (Page 48, Olivia's
Wedding Night Fantasy)

Somebody slap her! She's delirious! Way too many romance novels,

The bitter truth:

"She did what she wanted, when she wanted, as she wanted. Nothing
mattered when it came to her own pleasure. My God, Olivia, you know
the type," he said as his hands rested on my shoulders. "They are
exactly what you are not -- flimsy, narcissistic, flighty women.
They flirt, they have no loyalty to any man, and they can't be
trusted with anything." (Page 62, Malcolm speaks of his mother)

Oh the tangled web we weave....

"I had barely scratched the surface of who the Foxworths really were
and here I was, now one of them." (Page 73, Olivia upon finding
Malcolm's mother's picture)

And the winner is....

"Malcolm had his way. Our first son was born nine months and two
weeks from the date of the reception to introduce me to the fine
Virginia society." (Page 87, Olivia after conceiving Mal)

More next month........


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