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February 2001 Issue
Volume 17

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1. Heavenly Reviews: Orphans Series (Orphans Spoilers)
2. Excuses, Excuses: Haille Logan (Logan Spoilers)
3. Battle of the Sexes: A Little Touch of Magic (Landry Spoilers)
4. Quotable Quotes: Dark Angel (Casteel Spoilers)
5. Featured Book: Wildflowers Series Synopsis (Wildflower Spoilers)
6. Featured Character: Carrie Dollanganger (Dollanganger Spoilers)
7. Theory Corner: Randolph Cutler (Cutler Spoilers)
8. February Celebrations
9. Dear Diary: Latisha Arnold (Hudson Spoilers)
10. Coming Attractions
11. Letter from the Editor
12. Advertisers
13. Copyright and Legal

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---Heavenly Reviews---
Pros: By Beni Arnold
Cons: By LadyHeaven

Orphans Series

This of course was not my favorite series but there were some major pros
about it that kept my attention.

Here's something to chew on: According to Dr. Ruth McRoy at the UT School
of Social Work, there are approximately 5,000,000 US births each year. Of
that, approximately 118,000 are adoptions (roughly 2.36% new adoptees each
year). Anywhere in the US, a minimum of 2.3% of the population are women
who are also birthmothers who have placed children for adoption. Then you
also have 2.3% of the population who are birth fathers, and 4.7% of the
population who are adoptive parents. Total that up and you have about 11%
of the population who are triad members. That does not count aunts, uncles
and grandparents to adoptive families and birth families.

So in its own way, this book brought some insight to us on the goings on
in regards to adoption, adoption homes, agencies, parents, etc.

Though Runaways was the only book out of this series that I did not grasp
happily, the four mini-books were wonderful (in my humble opinion).

To be perfectly honest VCA fans, the Orphans series was not one of my
favorites at all. To be blunt....I HATED IT. If I like a book, I will read
it over and over again but I haven't touched the Orphans books again, nor
do I want to and here are a few reasons why:

1. They were too juvenile for my taste. I enjoy reading books that have
very mature characters. I'm not saying the characters in the other VCA
books weren't immature to a point, I'm just saying they had more maturity
than the orphan girls.

2. The plot didn't excite me at all. Most of the stuff in the orphans
books I have read about many times and I suppose I've just been plotted

3. Although they were different from a typical VCA series, modernizing
them took some of the magic out of the VCA formula that has worked so well
with the other books.

To conclude, I was bitterly disappointed by this series and the other
minibooks that came after it.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Excuses, Excuses---
By Thomas Casteel

Haille Logan

Haille was an unwanted orphan from the beginning. Her mother Belinda
became pregnant with her at a young age; the father was Nelson Childs a
married man. Her pregnancy upset her sister, Olivia. After all she
(Olivia) had been in love with Nelson. Olivia, saw her sister as trouble
and as always attempted to help her out of it. Olivia took her sister in
and delivered the baby in her home. Belinda wasn't allowed to leave the
house. During the months of her pregnancy she went mad. After Haille's
birth, Olivia put Belinda into a mental hospital.

Haille was a beautiful baby, and in time grew up to be lovely, young
woman. Although Olivia tried to raise Haille as a proper young lady she
grew up with the young spirit of her mother. Haille resented Olivia and
lashed out with her rebellious behavior. When she became pregnant with a
married man's child, just like her mother, she fled with the only person
who had ever stuck by her -- her 'brother,' Chester.

Haille and Chester moved to an old mining town where she got a job in a
salon, and Chester worked in the mines. Haille never once mentioned her
family back east. Then one day a tragic mining accident took the life of
Chester and left Haille and her daughter, Melody all alone.

After a few weeks, Haille, accompanied by her boyfriend Archie, took
Melody out Provincetown to her family. Haille promised she would come
back for her daughter, she phoned a few times but that was all. Then one
day Melody was told her mother had died in a car accident.

A year later, by accident, Melody found out her mother wasn't dead; she
had faked her own death so she could try to become a famous model or
actress. Haille pretended not to know her daughter when Melody sought her
out. However, Haille agreed to let her stay if Melody would pretend to be
her sister. Melody tried to stay but after a few incidents she went back
to what was now her 'home' and left her mother to seek her fame and

Haille let her hopes and dreams spoil more lives then just her own.
Haille's story is that off selfishness and vanity. Her own happiness came
before her own flesh and blood. Would you want Haille to be your mother?

Verdict: GUILTY!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

--Battle of the Sexes--
By Lady Heaven

A Little Touch of Magic
(Caution: this article contains Landry Spoilers)

Many of us know from reading the few articles written about VCA that she
was fascinated with the paranormal and included several aspects of it in
her novels. When Neiderman took over the writing it seemed that he wanted
to stay away from this subject matter until that is, he publishes the
first book in the Landry Series, Ruby. Once I finished reading those
books, I had to admit that he's done an excellent job with helping us
better understand Voodoo and Cajun magic.

We are given our first taste of Cajun faith healing when Ruby's
grandmother is sent to the home of a family haunted by the spirit of a
stillborn child. Neiderman does not overwhelm us with facts spouted from
hours of research, instead, he gives us the basics and through Ruby's
narrative, even lets us experience what she is seeing for ourselves and
allows us to wonder what we would do if we were actually faced with a

When Ruby arrives in New Orleans, Neiderman introduces us to Voodoo magic
through her housekeeper, Nina. Nina has magic for every occasion,
including a hangover of all things! My favorite example of voodoo magic
came when Ruby and Nina went to a voodoo queen for a spell to stop
Gisselle from being nasty. It seemed so fitting that her hair ribbon had
to be placed in the same box as a poisonous snake because to me, the snake
is the perfect symbol of Gisselle's personality. Of course, the spell has
an opposite affect than Ruby wants but it is stunning to see what happens
when we resort to magic to have the things we want.

Overall, the use of magic in the Landry series was an excellent idea not
only because it made it more interesting, but it also gave us a better
understanding of cultures we may not know that much about.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Quotable Quotes---
By RavenDoll

Dark Angel

"The rain I had predicted earlier began with a soft drizzle, and in
seconds sheets of water drummed on the blacktop. The driver slowed and
seemed to take more care, as all three of us behind the glass barrier
stopped talking and sat each with our own thoughts. Going home, going
home, that's all I had in mind. Going to where it's better, prettier,
where sooner or later I'll feel truly welcomed."
-Heaven's first car ride with the grandparents, page 12.

"... And since you aren't Jillian, you don't belong here. I'm sorry, but
I am busy, and have no time to entertain uninvited guests." It stunned me
that he would so willingly drive me away--even before he checked to see
who it was. What kind of man was he? Look at me! I wanted to scream.
I'm not ugly, even if I am not Jillian! Turn your head and speak, for in
a moment I'll run and not care if we ever meet again! It was Logan I
loved, not this stranger with his indifferent attitude! Logan who would
one day forgive me for something I couldn't have prevented from happening.

-Heaven's first meeting with Troy (how romantic!), page 28.

"So here in Winterhaven, despite my VanVoreen ancestors, my Tatterton
connections, my fine clothes, my flattering hairstyle, my pretty shoes,
and the good grades I worked hard to achieve, I was, as I'd always been,
and outsider, scorned for what I was. And the worst thing of all was,
right at the beginning, I had betrayed myself, and Tony."
-Heaven, page 63, after her first depressing day at school. Heaven proves
she can be just as snobby as the next rich girl...

"I don't really care to belong to your club," I pronounced in a cold and
haughty manner that rivaled her [Pru] own. "Fun is fun, but anything that
is dangerous and insulting and embarrassing physically goes beyond good
taste, and good sense. I will go my way, and the rest of you can go
-Heaven, page 97.

"His dark eyes had the kind of deep forest pools have; in them I could
-Heaven, talking so poetically about Troy (who wouldn't? He's hot!), page

-Lying doesn't become Heaven...
At the open doorway his figure almost blocked out the light in the hall.
"Heaven," he said with his back turned. "I don't admire cowards. I hope
you will never again do what you did today."
-Tony, page 114.

"And if you think you can scare me off, you are quite wrong. I'm in your
life, Troy, deep into your life. And if the winter makes you sad and
morbid, then together we'll follow the sun, and all during those nights my
arms will hold you so fast you'll never have another nightmare!" But even
as I passionately reached for him, my heart teetered on the edge of a
precipice, ready to plunge and die if he rejected me!
-A very dramatic Heaven, page 146.

"I ran then, ran as fast as my high heels would allow, heading for the
limo that waited, and once I had thrown myself on the back seat, I burst
into tears. Our Jane and Keith had not lost the day Pa sold them. They
had been winners in that game of chance."
-Heaven, after being rejected by Keith and Jane, page 171.

She smiled, and when Fanny smiled her white teeth flashed brilliantly to
contrast to her Indian coloring. "Go on now, ya tell me what ya been doin'
in ole bean town, where I hear all t'ladies wear blue stockins and t'men
are hotter fer politics than they are fer screwin'!"
-Fanny, being her usual self, page 193.

-Tony, what evil have you wrought?
"... But she excited me with her fright, her panic, with her innocence
that was so appalled by the thought of what I planned to do. I told
myself she was pulling an act, for the girls of Winterhaven are
notoriously open about sex. Yes, I raped your mother. Your
thirteen-year-old mother."
-Tony, page 238. I'd be disappointed, too, if I couldn't marry Troy
because he was my uncle.

Hope Valentine's Day finds everybody in love!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Featured Book---
By The Pharaoh Adare

Wildflower Series Synopsis

A gripping chapter in the intriguing saga of the Wildflowers.

Misty, Star, Jade, and Cat -four teenage girls with different
backgrounds-had one thing in common; they all had it hard and miserable in
their childhood years. Put together, their "realm of secrets" unveils an
unusual but strong connection.

After meeting each other through Dr. Marlowe's therapy group and having
the chance to unleash the weight off their shoulders, put there by a
pain-stricken past, the girls bonded a friendship that they could only

But with Dr. Marlowe away, the girls set out to play; that is, they set
out to tell the real truth that they would never tell in front of the eyes
of others. A truth that will unlock a dark, dark secret.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Feature Character--
By Clara Sue

Carrie Dollanganger

Carrie Dollanganger was born into a loving household. She had two loving
parents, two older siblings and a twin brother whom loved her dearly, but
this would all change.

Carrie had been the complete opposite of her twin brother, Cory, but that
didn't stop them from being as close as anyone could be. She also loved to
hear her own voice so she talked constantly, to anything, even her toys!
Her older sister Cathy was at first jealous of little Carrie, feeling as
though she wasn't as important, but she quickly grew to love Carrie as
everyone else had.

Everything changed for the Dollanganger children on their father's
birthday, he had been killed in a car accident. Depression quickly took a
hold of their mother. They were in debt and their mother had no money, so
she did the only thing she knew, she asked her parents who were rich if
they could stay with them...and they said yes! This would be the end to
their problems, or so they thought, but their problems were just starting.

From taking a train in the middle of the night to walking all the way from
the depot to their new house, or mansion, little Carrie and Cory were
exhausted and Carrie complained the whole way. When they got to their new
house they went straight to their bedroom where Carrie and Cory were put
promptly to bed, and they fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning they woke up, all four Dollanganger children, in one
room. Which isn't horrible but the bad part was they were all locked in
that one room! Carrie didn't like this, she wanted outside. To play in the
grass and run side by side with Cory, not be stuck in some ugly, dark

At first their mother told them it would only be a couple days, then a
couple weeks, then a couple months, and then she told them the truth it
would be until their grandfather died. The only contact they had with the
outside world was a grandmother who hated them. She would bring them their
food for the day in the morning, though they couldn't speak to her unless
spoken to first, she would call them every name she knew that meant evil,
including "devil's spawn". On one of her first visits Carrie attacked her,
but the grandmother threw her off into a corner and bravely Cory attacked
the grandmother also, but he got away and went to see how Carrie was.

Soon it was a year they had been trapped in the room, with their only
space where they could really be free the attic. One of the fun things
they did while trapped in the room was to decorate the attic with flowers.
No, not real flowers but flowers they made from construction paper and
many other decorations. They made the attic beautiful instead of dark,
dreary, and scary. Soon the children couldn't wait to go into the attic,
but when winter came it grew to cold and they were forced to stay in the
room watching the TV their mother got them for Christmas.

After they'd been there awhile their mother stopped visiting. They had no
idea where she went but she was gone. But Carrie and Cory had gotten used
to not having their real mother and Cathy was a fine substitute for her,
as Chris was a great father. They were like a mini replica of their old

Then one day their mother came back, bearing gifts from her travels with
her new husband, Bart Winslow. She had gotten married and she had been
gone for months on her honeymoon. While she was gone so many horrible
things had happened to all of them and they were becoming pale as ghosts
and skinny as rails.

Carrie and Cory needed their sunshine to grow and when they were deprived
of it they stopped growing, all the time in the attic the hardly grew. The
only part of them that did grow were their heads. They did learn how to
read and write from Cathy and Chris but they still spoke to each other in
their own language.

One day Cory became deathly ill. It scared all of his siblings and their
mother took him to the hospital but when she came back Cory wasn't with
her, he had died. Carrie was heartbroken and her constant chatter stopped.
Carrie would just sit in a corner with her brother's instruments wishing
he was with her. All this time Cathy and Chris had been making plans to
escape. After months of planing they did!

Their plan was to go to Florida and join a circus but on the bus ride
Carrie, who had already been very sick, began to throw up. Lucky for them
Henny Beech was on board. Though she was deaf she communicated to them
with colorful post-it notes telling them of her "doctor son" she would
take them to.

She persuaded the bus driver to take them to her house and he did. When
they got out Carrie was pretty much blacked out and they found the doctor
asleep. They didn't want to wake him up but they did and he stared at
their gaunt faces and pale skin wondering where they had come from but
took them into his office nonetheless. He had Carrie checked out and
talked to Cathy and Chris about what was wrong with them. They told him a
little so he could understand their situation somewhat. After hearing
their plans of joining a circus he knew he had to do something so he
invited them to live with him for a short while and they accepted.

Carrie loved their benefactor "Doctor Paul", and he adored her. He gave
them everything they never had, and he quickly learned of Carrie's love
for all things purple and red. Soon they were getting healthy and becoming
more comfortable in their new house. After a while they all had to go back
to school. Carrie was sent to a private school for girls. She hated the
idea from the start, but she went.

Carrie was teased for her looks, she was hardly four feet tall and her
head was big for such a small girl. Her roommate teased her the worse. One
night they played a trick on Carrie, resulting in her being blindfolded
and up on a roof. Trying to get down she fell into the attic and broke her
arm. Carrie never had to go back to the horrible school.

Many things had been happening with Cathy who decided to go to New York to
become a professional ballerina dancer. Everyone was very happy for her.
She did become a professional ballerina. Carrie and her new family even
went to New York to see her dance on stage. That Christmas it was
announced that Cathy and Paul were engaged. This made Carrie happy because
now Cathy would really be her mother. But it wouldn't be so, Cathy would
marry her dancing partner before she did Paul. Carrie hated Cathy for it
and felt bad for Paul.

After Carrie graduated from high school she became Paul's secretary. She
loved doing this because she got to spend more time with him. Cathy came
back home after her husband died and she was pregnant. Carrie become a
little jealous of all the attention Cathy was getting from Chris and Paul.
But after Jory was born Carrie feel in love with him. She loved running
home to take care of him, because she knew she would never have kids of
her own.

Not wanting to leave Paul but having to go with Cathy to help her with
Jory they moved to a small cottage by where they were locked up for most
of their childhoods. Cathy bought a small ballet school and instructed
there while Carrie stayed home and watched Jory. Living so near where
they had been trapped for a long time reminded Carrie of all the evil
things her grandmother had told her she was.

The only bright thing about living there was that Carrie met a boy, Alex.
Carrie fell in love with him and he fell in love with her. They had a
sweet romance, and Alex asked Carrie to marry him. She was so excited
about it, until she found out he wanted to be a minister and she knew what
she had to do.

She covered doughnuts with arsenic and one day when Cathy came home Carrie
was deathly ill, but she didn't know why. She rushed her the hospital
where Carrie began to slowly die. Everyone was so sad and wanted Carrie to
live but she didn't want to. She told them not to save her and finally
confided in Cathy why she wanted to die, and then she did. Cathy had found
a note in Carrie's journal addressed to herself and Chris saying how she
had known what Cory had died of and though they thought she had never
listened to them she had and she knew the whole story. She signed it big
to make up for her small stature.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Theory Corner---
By Luke Casteel Jr

Randolph Cutler

The Cutlers are definitely an interesting bunch of characters. A couple
of months ago, this column housed theories on Philip. Now its time to
focus on a lesser known member of the family. Randolph Cutler.

I say lesser known for the fact that though he is in three books, we
really don't know much about this man who for the longest time thought he
had fathered Dawn and Clara Sue, only to learn the awful truth; he wasn't
Dawn's father at all. Dawn found out that Randolph was not Clara Sue's
father after his death. So the question is, did he know that Clara Sue
wasn't his daughter, or did he die thinking otherwise?

Well, lets face facts, according to Bronson, Laura Sue and Randolph hadn't
made love ever since Dawn was kidnapped. Whether this is true, or just
what Bronson wanted to believe is a whole other issue for another day. So
if that is the case, then there is no way he couldn't have known that
Clara Sue was not his daughter. So for arguments sake - He Knew. And if
this is the case, did he just chose to ignore it? Did his mother know?

If you remember from the books, Clara Sue was quite the spoiled little
princess. This leads me to believe maybe Lillian didn't know. I actually
just reread Twilight's Child, and it got me to thinking. If Lillian had
known that not one but two of her grandchildren were of no blood relation
to her, would she have done to Clara as she had done to Dawn? Or were the
circumstances different, since Clara wasn't the spawn of an "affair" Laura
Sue had with Lillian's husband?

To say that Randolph was oblivious in someways is mildly understated.
Randolph was in all senses of the word a momma's boy. In fact marrying
Laura Sue was the only thing he did that was in defiance of his mother's
wishes. It is safe to say that he worshipped the ground his mother walked
on, and in doing so he put her first forsaking all others. Sounds like he
married his mother doesn't it? Hmmmm Oedipus.

It is possible that his attachment to his mother led to his madness. Who
knows, maybe the knowledge that Laura Sue was carrying someone else's
child started him on the path of madness. I don't think we will clearly
know for sure. Though he definitely went downhill after Lillian died.
She seemed to be the only one who really cared about him...but is that
even an accurate assumption? That is a question for another article.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---February Celebrations---
By Ruby Landry

February 2nd: Darcy Wise's Birthday
February 14: Julian and Cathy's Anniversary
February 14: Jory's Birthday
February 22: Heaven's Birthday
February 22nd: Death of Leigh

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Dear Diary---
By Stacie Casteel

Latisha Arnold

I made the hardest decision a Mama can make today. It was either Rain or
me. I had to chose her safety. After my baby was taken from me, I knew I
couldn't bare to lose Rain as well. Even though she ain't mine and she
knows it. Seems hard decisions are all about me at the moment, just
waiting to be plucked like the petals from a daisy. First, encouraging
Roy to join the army, and now sending Rain away to be with her real Mama.
But I had to do it. I went to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed my
suspicions. I do have that dreaded disease. And it is spreading too
quickly for any miraculous cure or for a handsome doctor to sweep me off
my feet with a magical drug trial. I had to make sure my kids were okay
before I went off to meet my maker. And I don't want Roy and Rain around
to witness my decline into the ever awaiting hands of death. Those two
have suffered enough recently without me adding to the hardship.

Roy wrote me the other day and he seems to have settled in well. Its sad
to say but I think life without his father would be a good thing for my
Roy. I swear those two are like two cats hissing at each other in a back
ally these days, each provoking the other, until neither can stand it no
longer. Separating the two of them might have been the single most
sensible thing I have ever done in my life.

Rain, my beautiful, sensible little girl. She will adapt to life with her
real mother. I know she will. I have a lot of faith in her. She has a
good head on her shoulders, she just needs to find the faith within
herself to use it. That little one will be a success. You mark my
words. There is something special, some niche, just waiting for her to
discover it.

Signing off,

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

---Coming Attractions---
By Ruby Landry

Thanks goes out to Steven Whitworth for his many updates via email and
wonderful dedication to giving all VCA Fans first-hand knowledge of
pre-released novels.

Hudson Series: The End of the Rainbow is in bookstores now! Keep your
eyes open for the last addition to the Hudson series.

New Series: The Shooting Stars mini-series is schedule to begin release in
the summer of 2001 with the following titles:
Cinnamon - late June 2001
Ice - August 2001
Rose - September 2001
Honey - October 2001
Falling Stars - December 2001
*Dates subject to change*

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Editor's Note

I want to thank everyone for their hard work on getting this finished up
at the last minute. Late January/Early February is always very difficult
for me since my life is swamped with busy-work. But I did manage to get a
break to sit down and work on pulling this together. :-)

Again, as usual, thanks to all of you for continuing to read EA. You are
the reason we exist! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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