Eternally Andrews
July 2000 Issue
In This Issue:
1. Feature Character: Fern Longchamp (Cutler Spoilers)
2. Obituaries: Geraldine Carson ("Into the Garden" Spoilers)
3. Excuses, Excuses: Gisselle Dumas (Landry Spoilers)
4. Society Column: Tony and Jillian's Wedding ("Web of Dreams" Spoilers)
5. Oloivia's Observations: All VC Andrews Books (ALL SERIES SPOILERS)
6. Heavenly Reviews: Pros and Cons of "Rain" ("Rain" Spoilers)
7. Quotable Quotes: "Heart Song" ("Heart Song" Spoilers)
8. Dear Diary: Clara Sue Cutler (Cutler Spoilers)
9. Feature Book: "Flowers in the Attic" (FITA Spoilers)
10. Ask Doctor Dumas
11. Editors Note
12. Advertisers
13. Copyright and Legal
Feature Character
by Clara Sue Cutler
*Fern Longchamp*

Fern was born into an already crowded house, and her family barely had enough food for everyone, but they managed. Her mother became very sick and had trouble taking care of her so her older sister, Dawn, became her second mother, though Fern wouldn't remember hardly any of this as she grew up. Then one night she was taken from the only family she had ever known and she was adopted into a new family.

By the time her brother, Jimmy with his wife Dawn, came to get Fern, now Kelly Ann Osborne, she had already found out she was adopted, through sneaking in her father's papers. She had become a horrible student and a defiant daughter. When Jimmy and Dawn came to see her they were not to tell her anything but she knew and put on a nice show for them, especially after they left and she followed them. She filled their heads with lies of how horrible her home was. Furiously, Jimmy made a decision that he would
get Fern back into his life, no matter what. It wasn't much of a fight, Fern's adoptive father was fed up with her and let her make her own decision. So it was decided, Fern was reunited with her brother and the girl who had helped raise her as a baby.

But things didn't stay good for long. Whatever she did, Jimmy saw though rose colored glasses, and only Dawn could see her true colors. She even stole money from the family hotel. One horrible things Dawn found her doing was teaching Dawn's daughter, Christie, and Fern's own half brother, Gavin, about sex, and they were only about four years old! But again, Jimmy saw what he wanted to see.

One day Dawn was cleaning up some in Fern's room, when she found a book with many highlighted parts. She read through some of them and read the lies Fern had told her and Jimmy the night she ran away from her home to them. Dawn now knew how deceitful she was.

Many years later, as Christie grew up, Dawn and Jimmy died in a horrible fire at the family hotel. Christie and her younger brother then ran away from home. But Fern found them, and she brought a boyfriend. They had run to The Meadows with Gavin, where some family members still lived. Fern threatened Christie in many ways and made her paradise a horrible place to be when Fern was around. But Fern grew bored of the country and left. She wasn't heard from much after that. But Christie being the nice woman she was, gave Fern an allowance to live off of. Christie had gotten pretty much all the money from the hotel. But after a while Christie cut Fern's allowance off and Fern
eloped with some random guy.

Fern had many problems with herself. She felt the need to rebel against the ones who loved her and ran to the wrong things. Hopefully she grew out of her ways after she was married. But she was also one of those evil characters that everyone loves to hate.
By the Second and Inferior Audrina
*Geraldine Carson*

Geraldine Carson, unfortunately, has passed away. Passed away? No, "murdered" might be a better word for it. The official cause of death is on account of poisoning. Apparently, Mrs. Carson had been dead for weeks until it was finally reported. Geraldine's daughter, Catherine, and three of her friends kept Geraldine's death a secret for reasons unknown, and buried her in the backyard of her own home.

Authorities reported that her ex-husband, Howard Carson, is now being charged with murder. Apparently, he had switched her herbal medicine pills, Pythengenol, with
deadly poison ones. He says he, "helped her out of her misery." Mrs. Carson is survived by her daughter, Catherine. She was eventually buried by her parents. Those who would have known Geraldine Carson would never have thought that she would pass this way. She was a fighter, a strong woman until the end. May her soul rest in peace.
Excuses, Excuses
By The Critical Catherine
*Gisselle Dumas*

Suffering from spinal injury didn't stop this queen of witches from putting hell on her sister and those around her. Pierre Dumas, father of Ruby and Gisselle, decided to send the twins off to a private school for girls called Greenwood. In doing so, he caused Gisselle's rage to fuel.

She could be found tormenting other students, getting teachers into trouble, and causing one particular student to leave school. Before the withdrawal of Ruby from school due to pregnancy, the scandal of Ruby and "Mr. Mud" had been set up by Gisselle also.

A few years later, Gisselle's fire burned higher when she flew to Europe to be with Beau Andreas, the father of Ruby's daughter. Seducing him by allowing him to make-believe she was her twin, Gisselle cast her spell over him, returned with Beau to New Orleans where they later eloped.

Gisselle met her untimely maker when suffering from St. Louis encephalitis and Ruby Dumas took on her identity to be with Beau as his wife.

Her excuse for all the hell she put people through? Deep down, we know Gisselle was jealous, believing that Ruby came in and corrupted her world, but being raised by the Ice Queen Daphne could have had more to do with it. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she was conniving from day one.

The counsel rests their defense. Next case: the case of Haille Logan.
Society Column
By Daphne Dumas
*Tony and Jillian's Wedding*

The grand Farthinggale Manor was alight with activity as wedding preparations for the marriage of Tony Tatterton, owner of Tatterton Toys, to Jillian VanVoreen took place.

Among the guests were the high society of Boston, looking more like they were attending an outdoor winter party than an indoor wedding; the women in fancy fur coats and then men with topcoats and hats. The bridesmaids were not allowed to wear any sort of jewelry, which was a shame because the pink dresses needed to be spruced up quite a bit.

The maid of honor, Jillian's own daughter, 12 year old Leigh, looked as if she would rather be getting her teeth pulled than march down the aisle ahead of her mother. The ring bearer, Mr. Tatterton's young brother Troy, spent more time trying to get himself dirty than making sure the rings stayed in place on the pillow.

The reception afterwards was rather lovely, if I do say so myself, but it lacked the charm and comfort of a New Orleans Garden District wedding party. There was lots of food, and the band hired to play was also quite nice.

I would have to give this wedding three stars, for the house and grounds, but the wedding party itself could have been happier and not so dour on an occasion such as this. Until next time, this is your reigning society queen, Daphne Dumas.
Olivia's Observations
By Olivia Foxworth
*All V. C. Andrews Books*

Warning, contains Severe Spoilers for all books!

((Note: All Observations are made by blood relations only, unless
otherwise noted.))

Ever notice that some of the same themes run through most V. C.
Andrews books? Here's a list to help put some order to the chaos:

1.) Fathers who dominate:
-My Sweet Audrina, Damian Adare.
-Cutler Series, Lillian's father, Jed Booth
-Landry Series, Jack Landry over Gabrielle.
-Foxworth Series, Malcolm Foxworth over Corrine, Joel, and Mal.
-Logan Series, Winston Gordon over Olivia and Belinda.
(Notice a pattern here?)

2.) Grandmothers that dominate:
-Cutler Series: Lillian Cutler.
-Foxworth Series: Olivia Foxworth.
-Logan Series: Olivia Logan.
(Special note: The Olivia's in Foxworth and Logan series, seem very much alike, despite
very different pasts.)

3.) Mothers who give up their children:
-Hudson Series: Megan Hudson gave up Rain.
-Cutler Series: Laura Sue gave up Dawn.
-Logan Series (2): Haille Logan eventually gave up Melody and then saw the opportunity to pretend to be dead. Belinda Gordon gave up Haille to Olivia to raise.
-Orphan Series: Brooke, Crystal, and Janet/Butterfly were all given up by their natural mothers.
-Wildflower Series: Cat was given up by her mother to be raised by her adopted sister.

4.) Characters who have babies and are not married to the biological fathers:
-Casteel Series (3): Jillian, who has Leigh, her biological father is
Chester Godwin, not Cleave VanVoreen. Leigh, who has Heaven, her
biological father is Tony Tatterton, not Luke Casteel. Heaven, who has Annie, her
biological father is Troy Tatterton, not Logan Stonewall.
-Cutler Series (3): Laura Sue, who has Dawn, her biological father is William Cutler, not
Randolph Cutler. Still on Laura Sue, who has Clara Sue, her biological father is Bronson, not Randolph Cutler. Dawn, who has Christie, her biological father is Michael Sutton, not Jimmy Longchamp.
-Logan Series: Haille, who has Melody, her biological father is Teddy Jackson, not Chester Logan.

5.) When more than one comes along...Twins:
-Foxworth Series: Cory and Carrie; Deirdre "DeeDee" and Darren.
-Landry Series: Ruby and Gisselle;Pierre and Jean.
-Logan Series: Cary and Laura.
-Cutler Series: Richard and Melanie Cutler, Samantha and Beneatha Bedlow (lived with Agnes)

6.) Strange are the ties that bind, a strange look into the blood and relations by marriage of our favorite characters:
-Landry Series: Ruby's real father is Pierre Dumas, but Gabrielle Landry was also the biological mother to Paul Tate, whom Ruby married. So, Paul is Ruby's half brother and husband, and also Pearl's half uncle and stepfather. Gisselle is also Paul's half sister and now sister-in-law, Pearl's aunt by biological terms, and by Gisselle marrying Beau, she is then Pearl's stepmother.
-Wildflower Series: Cat, whose real mother is the woman she thought was her grandmother, and her real father is her uncle so Cat is then Geraldine's adopted daughter, her half sister, and her half aunt. Blood relations don't count on this one because Geraldine was adopted herself.
-Casteel Series: Heaven, whose real father was Tony Tatterton, is not related to any of her mountain family that she grew up with. But when Heaven and Logan marry, and then Logan fathers Fanny's son, Luke, Jr., Heaven therefore becomes Luke Jr.'s stepmother. So, by marriage to Logan, Heaven is finally related partially and by marriage to one member of the Casteel family.
-Foxworth Series: Garland and Alicia marry, then Malcolm rapes Alicia, and fathers Corrine Foxworth. Corrine is then Olivia's stepdaughter, Malcolm's daughter and stepsister (by marriage), and Alicia's daughter and granddaughter (by marriage). Also making Corrine and Chris (Sr.) not half-uncle and half-niece but half brother and sister.
-Cutler Series (2): Lillian is Charlotte's mother, so Charlotte is then Randolph's half sister. Dawn's biological father is William Cutler. So, in essence, Dawn is then Randolph's half sister and stepdaughter, Philip and Clara Sue's half sister and half aunt, and Laura Sue's daughter and sister-in-law (by marriage).
(Writer's note: Whew! What do you do when you have a family gathering
with all of these people, what do you call whom?)

That was a little look into the books that we all love so much, hope you had as much fun reading this as I did researching it. But, I also hope you didn't end up half as confused! Until next time...
Heavenly Reviews
By April Summers and April Rain
*The Pros and Cons of "Rain"*

I liked this book, there were a lot of different settings that haven't been used before and it had plot twists that I didn't expect (Example: what happened to Beni.) There is only one thing that bothered me about this book, ever hear of the book "Dawn"? Change the skin colors, some of the plot twists and this book is "Dawn" all over again. Let's review this: Rain finds out that she was given away by a rich family, Dawn also discovers this.
Rain and Roy...um, Dawn and Jimmy? Sound familiar? Rain's real brother, Brody, is interested in her. Dawn's real brother, Philip, was also interested in her. Rain's real sister, Alison, is spoiled. Dawn's real sister, Clara Sue, also spoiled. Rain goes to London to develop her acting talent, and Dawn went to New York to develop her singing talent. Despite this similarities, which I did find to be too many, this book did keep me wanting to find out what happened next. I also would like to note that for as many
similarities between the two books, they had that many differences. The two
differences that stuck out in my mind were Rain's grandmother, much nicer woman!
And Rain's mother, Megan, although she was not ready to own up to being her
mother, she did seem to care about Rain, at least more than Laura Sue
cared about Dawn. All in all, a good book. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being
the highest), I give this book a 7 and the ghostwriter his due for venturing out and taking us to new places!

I took this book and finished it in one sitting. Can you say "give me a break?" Didn't I read this story already in the Cutler series? As April Summers mentioned above, it was like a carbon copy of Dawn except a few extra twists that threw us a tiny bit off guard.

Basically, I saw Rain as a snob for a girl who came from such a pathetic background. She seemed to be too "uppity" about herself because she was highly intelligent. Wouldn't it be nice if every smart girl from a bad background found out she was really the daughter of some wealthy family? Yeah, right! I only wish that happened in real life.

The only part (and I mean ONLY) that caught my attention at all was Beni's death. The details and the way it happened actually had my jaw to the floor. Such graphic details...

All in all, on April Summer's scale, I give this book a five. It's worth the read but it could have been more creative and less predictable.
Quotable Quotes
By Raven Doll
*"Heart Song" - Second in Book the Logan Series*

On page 1, Melody laments, "Oh, if I'd only known that the coming years would
bring more sadness and pain that I could ever imagine. If only I'd wished
harder, dreamed longer, maybe my life would be different, maybe I
wouldn't be sitting on this beach so lonely and confused." That might have
happened if only your mom hadn't ditched you, Melody.

On page 15, Kenneth gives Melody a bit of wisdom: "You have to believe
in yourself if you want anyone else to believe in you."

Melody, on page 35, wonders "How could Uncle Jacob refuse her {May} anything? He must have beach sand in his veins instead of blood, and a heart an old barnacle." Hey, was Melody listening in on Uncle Jacob's doctor visit?

Page 182: "'Is every man a liar?' I shouted at the sea and the sea roared back what sounded like a resounding yes to me." I don't know, I think I have to agree with Melody on this one.

On page 186, Holly, the enlightened one (and probably the smartest)
says, "'All the answers to your questions and problems are in here,' she
said, pointing to her heart, 'but you have to find the way to reach them,
unlock the doors, and to do that, you have to strip away the worldly confusions, the
tension and the turmoil. You've got to lift your spirit from this bondage and free your inner self. I'll show you how if you want,' she said." Sounds like a good offer.

On page 190, Holly again spouts some more gems, "Kenneth is like a comet. He
can't be chained to anything or anyone, except for his art, of course..."
"We touch like two meteors passing in the universe when the stars are
lined up correctly..." Gee, I wonder where her mind is... Can you tell I really like Holly?

On page 195, Melody gains some psychic abilities: "They'll have heart attacks... especially my uncle Jacob." Do I detect a little foreshadowing?

Now this is a little lengthy but I really liked this conversation on pages 204-205:
"What are they doing?" she asked.
"Something pagan," Uncle Jacob said. "I warned you, boy. I told you to watch for the devil and now you've gone and let him into our home."
"Dad, listen--"
"I don't understand," Aunt Sara said meekly. "Where did you get that dress?"
"From the devil himself, I'll wager," Uncle Jacob said. "Satisfied now, Sara? Satisfied she ain't your dead and gone Laura? She about as different from Laura as night is from day, he said."
The devil makes another appearance in yet another VC Andrews novel. How surprising.

Here comes Uncle Jacob again, on page 237: "'I didn't mean to be so hard on you, but I feel more responsible,' he said after a big breath. He closed his eyes and then opened them quickly. 'A sin can last forever, be passed on from mother to daughter, from father to son ... forever. Be a good woman and end the devil's hold on us all.'" Heavy stuff. First he practically called Melody the devil and then he wants her to end the devil's hold on them. Well, make up your mind! Holy, unholy, what?

And last, but not least, some more words from Holly, lifted from page 261.
"Decency comes from the heart, not from our outer garb." I think that's some advice we can all take to heart...

That's it! See ya next month!
Dear Diary
By Stacie Casteel
*Clara Sue*

Dear Diary,

Today would have to be one of the worst days I've had in a long, long time. And it's all because of my witchy, jealous sister, Dawn. Ugh, it makes me shudder to even think about the self-righteous smirk on her face as she revealed so many…..well I guess I have to face it, so many truths about myself that I had no idea of. Well I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'll start at the beginning.

My latest gentleman friend, as mother likes to refer to him, is a man named Charlie Goodwin. I told Charlie all about my situation with Dawn and the wills and all and sure enough, he found out that there are grounds to contest Grandmother Cutler's will.

We went to speak to Dawn about this, she's no doubt embellished it to everyone as me trying to blackmail her, but that's not the way it was. But to cut a long and painful story short, it turns out that I am not a Cutler! Mother had an affair with Bronson Alcott and I am their child. Being an Alcott is almost as good….but I want to be a Cutler. Clara Sue Cutler just sounds soooo much better than Clara Sue Alcott. But the thing that got me the most upset was that it was that bitter witch Dawn who had to throw the truth in my face like it was something hot in her hands that she just couldn't wait to fling at me. She totally enjoyed doing it too. You'd think she, of all people, would have a little sympathy. You know, considering that she found out that the man she thought was her Daddy actually wasn't, too. Ugh, we have something in common. Well, she may have momentarily stopped me but I will eventually figure out a way to get my hands on that money. She will never destroy me the way I did her. I bet she didn't truly want that baby anyway. She only got pregnant so that Jimmy would get off her back about only having a child that was not biologically his.

Thinking of that marvelous day and signing off with smiles instead of anger,
Clara Sue Cutler….oops Alcott.
Feature Book
By Stand In Writer
*Flowers in the Attic*

The story that all die-hard VC Andrews fans have read, the first book in the shocking Dollanganger series that made VC Andrews a household name, was first published in _________.

The tale is that of the Dollanganger children and their struggle after the death of their beloved father. Their mother, Corrine, a simple minded, yet beautiful, woman is left to fend for herself and her children and finds her only hope to be in the home of her childhood, Foxworth Hall.

Through the night the children wander, beside their mother, their hopes clinging to them for a better tomorrow. Yet the moment they step into Foxworth Hall, the step into a new world--a world locked away in an attic room, without sunlight, with strict rules given by a stern and God-fearing Grandmother. In an instant she reveals the true relationship between their parents - they were half uncle and half niece.

The shocking truth known, the children still have faith in their lovely mother who is free to roam about the house while her children are locked away, hidden, so that the dying Grandfather will never know of their existence, for surely if he knew, they would be turned out penniless.

Time rolls by slowly. The children become malnourished, they grow pale and sickly while Corrine blossoms with happiness for she has been reinherited by her father and has met a new man, her next husband, Bart Winslow. The children's cries go unheard as they suffer, growing weaker and weaker.

Want to know more? Read the book ::wink::
Ask Doctor Dumas
By Doc Dumas

Only one question came across Doc Dumas' inbox this month.

VC Fan, Allison, asks: "When is the next book of the Hudson series due out? I am dying to read it!"

Allison, do not stop at go and do not collect two hundred dollars... Run fast to your nearest bookstores. "Lightning Strikes" is available now in most major cities! :)

Have a question for Doc Dumas, email it at doctordumas@postmark.net
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