Eternally Andrews
June 2000 Issue
Volume 10
1. Feature Character: Tom Casteel (Casteel Spoilers)
2. Heavenly Reviews: Pros and Cons of "Hidden Jewel" (Landry Spoilers)
3. Olivia's Observations: Logan Series (Logan Spoilers)
4. Quotable Quotes: "Secrets of the Morning" (Cutler Spoilers)
5. Daphne's Society Column: Christopher Jr's Third Birthday (Doll
6. Feature Book: "Music in the Night" (Logan Spoilers)
7. Website of the Month: The VC Andrews Villa
8. Ask Doctor Dumas
9. June Notables
10. Obituaries: "Tarnished Gold" (Landry Spoilers)
11. Advertisers
12. Copyright
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Unfortunately, ListBot is having a delay in messages in out of frustration
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I want to thank those writers I have who have been so thorough in doing
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Summers, Olivia Foxworth, and Daphne Dumas.

I would also like to issue a welcome to our newest writer, Raven Doll, who
writes "Quotable Quotes." Her article this month has wonderful quotes
that are wonderful brain-candy and her hysterically witty comments had me
rolling! :)

Also, this issue, unlike those of the past, is coming as one issue instead
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Feature Character
*Tom Casteel*
By Clara Sue

The first born son of Luke and Sarah Casteel. Luke and Sarah both
wanted a Luke look alike, but it wasn't to be. Tom had fiery red hair and
eyes, resembling more of his mother. Tom and his "sister" Heaven shared a
bond, right from the start. They shared a crib and grew up more like
They told each other their deepest secrets, hopes, and dreams. As the
passed, three more Casteel children came, Fanny, Keith and Jane (also
known as Our Jane). But still Heaven and Tom shared their special bond.

Both Heaven and Tom shared a gift of learning, they both loved doing it
and did very well for people from the Willies. They loved to read also.
liked adventure stories and dreamed of being president someday, but he
it wasn't his destiny. Tom developed a crush on his teacher Miss Deale,
was a ray of hope in his almost all gray world.

But soon his mother left the family, leaving Heaven to take care of the
family. Their father started showing up less and less and soon Tom was
having to be the man of the house. He had to chop wood and hunt for food.
for Christmas his father came back he had presents for them all, he was
going to sell them off, like cattle. Tom watched as his brother and
sisters were
sold off. Then only Heaven and himself were left. They thought about
away but Luke kept close guard on them. Tom was sold next to Buck Henry.

Buck made him a slave. He worked harder than ever on his farm and
didn't get enough sleep. He received letters from his sister Heaven and
heard of
all the great times she was having and decided that he would lie to his
so she wouldn't worry about him. He told her of Buck's two daughters that
liked him, and that he loved living on the farm.

But hope, Luke came back, a changed man. Luke wanted Tom and Heaven to
come live with him, to be a family again. But Heaven still didn't believe
and went to live with her real mother's parents. Tom believing his father
to Florida to live with his father and his new stepmother and half
brother, Drake. He also started working with his father, in the circus.

He kept in contact with Heaven and one day she decided to visit. She
came to the circus and Tom couldn't believe how pretty she had became. He
invited to the show that night, big mistake. She came dressed exactly like
real mother had the first time Luke had seen her. Dumbstruck, Luke's
attention was all on her, forgetting about the lions. The lions began to
maul the
lion tamer, Tom wanting to help a friend jumped into the cage, clown
and all. Luke seeing what was happening followed him. It was too late Tom
was dead, the lion tamer survived and Luke was severely hurt.

Tom died a hero's death people said. He saved one man who had a family,
he had made being a Casteel a better thing than before.
Heavenly Reviews
*Hidden Jewel*
by April Summers (Cons) and Heaven Casteel (Pros)

I reread this book just to try and maybe have a different opinion
of it, but to no avail. In my opinion, this book was definitely not the
work by the ghostwriter. The thing that struck me most about this book
the fact that Ruby's voodoo obsession was above and beyond anything that
had been before. In the beginning of the series, Ruby admitted that she
did believe in good gris-gris and bad gris-gris but she never went this
with it. I thought that this book was outstandish when it came to that.
And the thing with Pierre and Jean, Pearl's twin brothers, Jean died and
wanted to be with him and tried to will himself into death. Reminds me
of the first Pierre and Jean, Pearl's grandfather and great-uncle, Jean
was in an accident that Pierre felt responsible for and Pierre just
let go his guilt then either. All in all, this book was a little
At the beginning, Pearl wonders if she will ever find someone to love and
then she does. Unfortunately, this book reminded me in some ways of a
Danielle Steel story and not of a V.C.Andrews book. So, in conclusion, I
that the ghostwriter could have written this last and final book to the
Landry series a lot better.

What a thrilling adventure the Landry Series takes us on in this book.
Action-packed, we find our heroine's daughter, Pearl Andreas, on the trip
of her life, leading her away from a raping doctor in New Orleans to a
trip to find out her ghostly heritage back in Houma.

We see our heroine, Ruby, as an adult, an artist, a mother, and a loving
wife. Our hero, Beau Andreas, go from father figure to immature adult on
his drinking binge when things turn sour for his family. Pearl's
brothers, Jean and Pierre, suffer many obstacles as well, but it isn't
until our new heroine, Pearl, takes off after her runaway mother, that our
action begins.

Whereas, I agree with April, the writing could have been better. There
were too many odd mistakes throughout the book, it did manage to keep me
on my toes.
Olivia's Observations
*Logan Series*
By Olivia Foxworth

In "Heart Song", page 6, Kenneth and Melody are talking about his
dog, Ulysses, and Melody notes that "...Ulysses was nearly a hundred in
human years." Doesn't she mean dog years?

In "Heart Song", page 89, Melody is visiting Belinda and Belinda
tells her "...Daddy told her to get married or else...I put my ear up to
door and I heard him yelling at her. She was crying and he was
But in "Olivia", Olivia was the one with inner turmoil about marrying
Samuel Logan but she never told her father that she didn't want to marry

In "Heart Song", page 123, Cary tells Melody about Laura and that
"The morning she left with Robert to go sailing, I was angry at her and
was angry at me and we never had a chance to make up." But in "Music in
the Night", page 147, Cary was the one who had called and invited Robert
go sailing so Robert and Laura could be together and they weren't angry at
each other anymore.

In "Unfinished Symphony", page 167, Melody's new friend, Mel, takes
her out to dinner and he tells Melody that "...out of the blue, my agent
received a call and called me just before I left to pick you up tonight."
later, in the next paragraph, Mel tells Melody that this new play means
"...I have to give up my job at the supermarket. I spoke to the manager
afternoon." But didn't he just find out about the part that evening and
in the afternoon?

In "Unfinished Symphony", page 199, Melody says good night to
Grandpa Samuel and them it is noted that "...Grandpa Samuel was just
himself up the final steps and groaning as he made his way to his and
Olivia's bedroom." But, in "Olivia", Olivia insists that her and Samuel
separate bedrooms with an adjoining door and she fantasizes that Nelson
Childs might come through that door one day, pages 222-223.

In "Unfinished Symphony", page 281, Melody notes that Kenneth and
Holly had arrived for the unveiling of Neptune's Daughter in "...her
car." But on page 283, Melody describes leaving the unveiling and getting
"...into the jeep...The wind played havoc with my hair."
Quotable Quotes
*Secrets of the Morning*
By Raven Doll
(Editors Note: Welcome Raven Doll! You did a "terrif" job on your first

On page 15, Agnes Morris tells Dawn, " ... memories are more precious
than gold." Agnes would know that!

On page 33, the plaque at the Sarah Bernhardt School remembers the
great actress: "To the memory of Sarah Bernhardt/whose bright light lit
the stage/as it had never been lit before."

On page 75, Dawn wonders, "Were we like seeds in the wind, some falling
in rich, fertile earth, some scattered onto bone-dry land full of shadows
and darkness, fighting their way toward every inch of sunlight?" Sounds
like someone has read the Flowers in the Attic series.

On page 127, Dawn describes the feeling she got when she sang "Over the
Rainbow" for her class audition: "I traveled on a magic carpet of melody
that carried me up and away from worry and pain. I forgot the past and
present. I was like and eagle soaring in the wind, obsessed and
infatuated with her own ability to fly. Not the clouds, nor the stars,
seemed too far away."

On page 134, Michael Sutton makes sure that Dawn knows exactly why he's
seducing her: "Passion makes us desperate." For 17-year-old girls,

On page 179, we find out what Madame Steichen thinks about the people
in her profession: "An artist ... lives for her work. That's the
between an artist and a performer, who is usually a person infatuated
with himself and not the beauty of what he creates."

On pages 293-294, Miss Emily gives her reason for Dawn's treatment: "
...Your castle of righteousness must be fortified against any more
incursions by the devil." Yes, the devil, also known as Miss Emily.

On page 309, Miss Emily continues to speak of the devil, "It takes only
a word to bring the devil into your heart."

On page 313, Charlotte Booth reveals her cheerful thoughts about
herself: "I'm the devil's spawn and I've spawned the devil's child." The
seems to be very busy at The Meadows.

On page 399, everybody discovers the truth about Dawn, as written in
William Cutler's last will and testament: "I realize I have no real way
make amends for my actions, but I feel I must not permit my sins to echo
and on punishing the innocent. Accordingly, I hereby confess to having
fathered the second child of my son's wife. I make no excuses for this
other than
to say I succumbed to the same animal lusts and desires men have succumbed
since Adam and Eve. I blame no one, but myself." Well, at least he
it... and in such a timely fashion, too.

And finally, on page 404, Dawn gets prophetic: "As for the hotel ... I
couldn't care less if it burnt to the ground." You're going to wish you
never said that!
Daphne's Society Column
*Christopher Foxworth's Third Birthday Party*
By Daphne Dumas

Foxworth Hall was alight with radiance for the third birthday party of
Garland Foxworth's youngest son Christopher. His young mother, Alicia,
had prepared lots of games for the young children attending, while the
adults were entertained by Garland in one of the other rooms in the
vast estate. Also present were Malcolm, the older son of Garland, and his
wife Olivia. She looked to be having a good time with the young
children, two of whom were her own, while Malcolm could not stop the
disdainment of such an affair for one that was not his own.

Until next time, your reigning society queen, Daphne Dumas
Feature Book
*Music in the Night*
By The Pharaoh Adare

Laura Logan was a Cape Cod beauty; sweet, caring, and full of magic and
life. She had a twin bother that looked up to her like an angel, a sister
that worshiped the ground she walked on, a mother that admired her
personality, and a father who thought she could do no wrong. Her life was
almost… perfect!

But every semi-perfect life can have its imperfect moments!

The Logan name -which Laura was very proud of- had its terrible past of
almost unspeakable secrets; secrets that hides behind the back of Laura’s
iron-spine, meddling, spiteful grandmother, Olivia Logan.

But beyond this storm of hidden words and truth, a prince of sweetness
enters Laura’s life and upon her lips the name speaks out: Robert Royce.
Like a gust of wind, Robert sweeps Laura into an unknown world of
unconditional love and ecstasy. But this love has its enemies. Cary,
Laura’s devoted and sometimes moody twin, finds Robert to be the wrong
suitor for his sister, for which he adores. And with all his might, tries
to drive the two apart but to no avail; their love only gets deeper. But
deeper their love goes, deeper the hole, of disastrous secrets, gets!

With rumors, secrets, and lies floating about through Laura’s life, it’s
unsure which direction this young beauty’s life will take.
Website of the Month
*The VC Andrews Villa*
By Web of Dreams

The VC Andrews Villa, located at
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/1715/vca.html, was nominated by
the Heaven Casteel as her "very favorite site full of interesting and fun

This site, maintained by VC Andrews Club's Alicia, is outstanding.
Looking for pertinent information regarding VC and her books, go here.
Looking for fun, light-hearted info about the books and characters, visit
her site. It's a "must see" for VC fans!!!
Ask Doctor Dumas
By Doctor Dumas

VC Andrews an, Vicky, asks:
"How old was VA when she died and what did she die of?"

Vicky, our beloved VC Andrews passed away on December 19, 1986 at the ripe
age of 63 years old. When V.C. Andrews passed away in 1986, she died of
cancer in her home in Virginia Beach, VA. She is buried in the Olive
Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth, VA. V.C. was survived by her parents,
Lillian and William, and her brothers, Bill Jr. and Gene.

Got a question for Doctor Dumas? Email him at doctordumas@postmark.net
June Notables
*Births, Deaths, Marriages, Etc*
By The Date Doll

Upon research, the only "notables"
for this month, June, was the death of Julian Marquet, who died from
suicide. Julian Marquet, recently injured in a vehicle accident, was sent
to the hospital for surgery on his back. Upon hearing he might be unable
to regain the use of his legs, Julian Marquet used the nurses sewing
scissors to cut his IV.
*Tarnished Gold*
By Guest Writer

!!!This section is currently looking for a writer!!!

Gabrielle/Gabriel Landry, of Houma, Louisiana, passed away after giving
birth to twins, Gisselle and Ruby. Miss Landry is the daughter of Jack and
Catherine Landry, and leaves behind one other child, Paul Marcus Tate.

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