Eternally Andrews
March 2000 Issue
Volume 8, Part One
Part One:
1. Feature Character - Brooke Hokum (Orphan Spoilers)
2. Feature Book - "Into the Garden" (Wildflower Spoilers)
3. Society Column - Audrina's Birthday Party (Adare Spoilers)
4. Olivia's Observations - Dollanganger Series (Doll Spoilers)
5. Theory Corner - Pattern Theory???(Few Spoilers for All Series)
6. Heavenly Review - "Fallen Hearts" (Casteel Spoilers)
7. Excuses, Excuses - Haille Logan (Logan Spoilers)
8. V.C. Character Birthdays & Horoscopes
9. Ask Doctor Dumas
10. Best V.C. Andrews Site of the Month
11. Editors Note
12. Advertisers
13. Copyright and Legal

*Feature Character*
Brooke Hokum
By Clara Sue Cutler

Brooke was an orphan, abandoned long ago by a mother she never knew. All she had to remember her mother was a faded pink ribbon. But Brooke was going to become very lucky, she was 12, and she was going to be adopted by Pamela and Peter Thompson.

Pamela was the most beautiful woman Brooke had ever seen. She had looked like a movie star. When they left the only home Brooke had ever known, Pamela had her leave everything except for what she was wearing behind. She promised Brooke she would have better clothes, and she did, that very day. With a whole new wardrobe and a brand new, very expensive watch Brooke finally arrived at her new home.

Brooke described it as Tara in Gone with the Wind. From the fist few minutes she had been in her home she was already hearing about how Pamela was almost Miss America.

Her first bath in her new room was something Brooke was quite surprised to see. Instead of being able to take her usual, quick shower, Pamela and the maid Joline set to work making a bath. All sorts of different powders were put into the water to make it smell good, and do things to Brooke's skin. Another surprise came when Pamela started to wash Brooke's hair, she claimed Brooke's hair felt like straw and these shampoos and conditioners would make it feel like silk.

That night Brooke learned why she had really been adopted. She was to live up to what a daughter of Pamela Thompson's should, she would be in beauty pageants and she was going to win them all. Pamela was going to live life again through Brooke, though Brooke didn't realize it yet.

Before Brooke could even start school, Pamela had to teach her many things about make-up, clothes, and things like that. Finally, Pamela decided Brooke was ready for school and she was enrolled into Agnes Fordor, an all girls private school.

Her day was going okay, she had made some new friends and her classes were all going okay. In gym class, she grabbed the attention of the teacher, who was also the coach of every sport at the school. Brooke was a great softball player and the coach found that out. By the end of the day Brooke was the talk of the school with her grand slam hit, and she was going to join the softball team.

But when she came home there was a surprise, Pamela had signed her up for piano lessons and they were going to start right then. Pamela and Brooke got into their first fight, but Peter was there to smooth things over. When she played in her first game with the team they won! Peter had even video taped the game so Pamela could see it, he was very proud of her but when she came home Pamela didn't care. She just cared if she was putting on the right hand lotion and conditioning right.

About a week later, Agnes Fodor had their biggest game of the year, and they won! Brooke was a school hero! When she got home Pamela was in hysterics wondering where she was, she had to get her pictures taken for the pageant she was going to be in. Brooke did get her pictures taken, though she didn't want them and was taken to the after game party where Heather Harper, Agnes Fodor's head mistress' niece, told her she had heard her aunt telling someone that Brooke was an orphan. At school on Monday everyone knew Brooke's secret and no one wanted to be her friend, except for the softball coach who had good news for Brooke. She had made the All-Star softball team she would be their starting pitcher! But of course the game was the same day as Brooke's audition for the pageant and there was no way Pamela would let Brooke go to the game over the audition.

Brooke was locked in her room, after the fight with Pamela. While she was in there Pamela called the school to tell them Brooke wouldn't be at the game and when she came to tell Brooke that, something inside Brooke snapped. She picked up a pair of scissors and started to cut her hair off. When she opened the door, Pamela collapsed, she would never be a beauty queen now.

With Pamela in a state of shock, Peter decided for the best to take Brooke to a new orphanage. She arrived at Lakewood House where she met Crystal and Butterfly, her new best friends. Later Raven would arrive and they would become the four musketeers.
*Feature Book*
"Into The Garden"
By The Pharaoh Adare

A gripping chapter in the intriguing saga of the Wildflowers.

Misty, Star, Jade, and Cat -four teenage girls with different backgrounds- had one thing in common; they all had it hard and miserable in their childhood years. Put together, their "realm of secrets" unveils an unusual but strong connection.

After meeting each other through Dr. Marlowe's therapy group and having the chance to unleash the weight off their shoulders put there by a pain-stricken past, the girls bonded a friendship that they could only understand. But with Dr. Marlowe away, the girls set out to play; that is, they set out to tell the real truth that they would never tell in front of the eyes of others. A truth that will unlock a dark, dark secret.

The End
*Society Column*
by Daphne Dumas

Audrina Adare's Birthday Party

The driveway to Whitefern, where a special birthday party for Audrina Adare was being held, was crowded with cars, with young children walking to the great house with their parents in bright, colorful clothing. All of them held beautifully wrapped presents for the guest of honor. Inside, rooms were flooded with light from the large open windows. Music was playing in the background and some of the children laughed and played together while waiting for Audrina. The time passed and passed, all the delicious hors d'oeurves were drying out, so they were eaten, the cake was beginning to get soggy, so they had to cut into that. Finally, in the early evening, with no sign of the birthday guest, people began to leave. It was only after, long after, that we found out what had happened that day…..
*Olivia's Observations*
By Olivia Foxworth

Dollanganger Series

While I was going over the Dollanganger series, I realized that I should really just concentrate on the base book "Flowers in the Attic". Because "Garden of Shadows" comes before this book, but was written after, the observations I have made all come from the mistaken facts that "Garden of Shadows" gives.

The first mistake that I noted comes over and over again in the entire series, and that's about the dollhouse. On page 188 of "Flowers in the Attic" Corrine says "When it belonged to my mother, it was kept in a huge glass box...When it was given to me, my father took a hammer and broke the glass box...." Now, in "Garden of Shadows" Olivia leaves the dollhouse behind when she marries Malcolm and moves to Foxworth Hall.

On page 275 of "Flowers in the Attic" Olivia is telling Cathy and Chris why she refuses to look at Chris and says "...and they eloped in the night, and came back, two weeks later, smiling, happy, asking us to forgive them for falling in love." In "Garden of Shadows" Olivia catches Christopher and Corrine and they admit their love and their desire to be married and want Olivia and Malcolm's blessing before they get married.

On page 224 of "Flowers in the Attic" Corrine tells Cathy that "I was twelve the day mine started, and out riding a bicycle, and you know I rode home and changed my panties before my mother finally noticed..." In "Garden of Shadows" Corrine comes out into the garden where Olivia is cutting roses and tells Olivia that she is now a woman.

On page 225 of "Flowers in the Attic" Corrine is talking about her brothers and says "...Mal would escape the life he hated by riding up into the mountains on his motorcycle...One day he took a curve too fast in the rain." In "Garden of Shadows" Mal had just gotten the motorcycle that day and was giving Corrine a ride on it. There was also no rain that day.

On page 23 of "Flowers in the Attic" Corrine tells Cathy that she is "...much more aggressive, and much more determined. Your father used to say that you were like his mother..." In "Garden of Shadows" Alicia came off as weak and not aggressive or determined.

On page 89 of "Flowers in the Attic" Olivia says to Corrine after the whipping that "Even before you betrayed us, did I ever let your pretty face and beguiling ways stay my ready hand?...You proved to him you are just what I always said you were--a deceitful, lying bit of trash." In "Garden of Shadows" Olivia loved Corrine like she was her own daughter.

And the last observation that I had came from page 97 of "Flowers in the Attic" when Corrine describes Alicia's life after leaving Foxworth Hall and says "She had a few years of happiness with a young man that she'd loved since her childhood, and then he, too, died." In "Garden of Shadows" Alicia said that she had been in love with Garland since her childhood, not someone else.

So, that's all for this time.
*Theory Corner*
By Luke Sr and Luke Jr

I poked my eye on the corner of the pattern theory!

We all like talking about the pattern theory, sure,
but is there really a pattern? My theory is NO!

After careful consideration, with few to none spoilers, Luke and I have thought it out. We can only find a few patterns, and they ain't what you think they are. (Yes, we both know "ain't" is not a word, and we feel that the use of it here fits the mood of the article. Ah hem, now on with it. )

First of all, if you are a total stickler and want not even name spoilers, skip ahead just a bit to the second set of numbers. ;) For those of you dying to hear this theory, here goes. The pattern theory states most of these. Find out which are lies!

1. The grandmother is always evil! LIE!
2. The Main Character gets pregnant. LIE!
3. The fourth book is told by the main characters child. LIE!
4. The father is loving and dies, while the mother is a flake and lives; or the reciprocal. LIE!
5. The main character usually finds out that her parents growing up are not her real parents. LIE!
6. The main character goes from poor to rich. LIE!

Well, those are not always true, as you can see from our lovely commentary to the side. :) The only true patterns we can find here are those which follow...

1. Daddies can be forgiven, grandmas cannot. Mothers depend on the content of the character (or the opposite parental figure in the statement.) :)
2. The main character will most certainly "flake out" in some way in the third book. We are not kidding here.
3. There is no pattern theory.

Okay here goes. After reading most of the series, it has come to my attention that the girl never fails to flake in the book. It is always in the third book, sometimes beginning earlier than it though. Even Audrina had bouts of flakiness, but what it was due to, we can't know.

After I read the third book, I always seek out aspirin because frankly, those girls make me grind my teeth. Even after Fallen Hearts, which is my favorite book, I rose to get the bottle of Tylenol. She [Heaven] had her moments of pure stupidity! but was redeemed, I think in the book. Melody Logan flaked. She was a wonderful character and suddenly, this wasn't the Melody I knew.

Ruby Landry... what was this girl thinking? I am sure some of you are nodding right now, saying yeah! What was she thinking. I know what was in her head... She was in the third book. All that Glitters? All that makes my head hurt! Catherine was getting to be annoying in If There Be Thorns. She just wouldn't face up to reality. And Dawn...do we even really want to get started on Dawn? Lets just say that if it hadn't been for a certain act of pure naivete on her part in Secrets in the Morning the ending of that book and the beginning of Twilight's Child would have been sorely changed. Not to mention the fact that a certain grandmother did something totally hypocritical eh?

Did anyone ever notice that the grandmother usually ends up doing to the main character what was done to them in their youth?

And like we said, this rule of thumb is simple. Daddies are good, grannies are bad and mothers are in between, and if that isn't right switch the mothers and the father. In every book, you can find an evil grandmother. So what is up with this? Someone had to raise the "unforgiven"... the granny of the damned!!
Muwwaaahhhahahahahahah! Ah hem. ;)

So in conclusion there is no pattern theory. If these are the only two things anyone can come up with in a similarity, there is no pattern! I can find similarities between apples and oranges. Both tasty, both fruit, both edible. When it comes right down to it, there is no similarity. If that was a pattern, then "five" in a series and the fact that they are "books" is a pattern too. Ah well... I will go and read my books now, knowing that I am safe, and that every series I read will not be the same as the one before. :) Oh and if you want to know more about the theories that don't exist...tune in next month :)

Luke & Luke

(Comments made are solely those opinions of the writers of this column and do not mean you have to believe in them. They are for your reading pleasure only and are meant to enlighten you to the writers point of view(s). --Editor)
*Heavenly Reviews*
"Fallen Hearts"
By April Summers

While I was rereading this book in order to do this review, I realized once again that this is a terrific book. I mean, Heaven being torn between Logan and Troy, who can resist the drama? And the part where Troy says that he watched Heaven and Logan's wedding reception made me want to cry for the irony of it all. In my opinion, this book was one of the best books that V.C. Andrews ever wrote. Also, it was a perfect follow-up to "Dark Angel" where Heaven falls tragically in love with Troy and then learns the truth of their forbidden love. I think that it also dealt with very real issues about love and how was she to decide whether or not to tell Logan the truth about Annie's birth? And, in the end, I feel like she made the only choice that she could have. Unfortunately, Heaven and Luke never got to work things out and learning about what Tony had done shocked me also. The parts about little Drake and Fanny wanting custody but Tom telling Fanny the truth about Heaven's birth made me feel like Heaven did only what she had to do in order to get Drake back. In conclusion of this review, I feel that this one wonderful book and have only good things to say about it. Until next time....
*Excuses, Excuses*
By The Lawyer Doll

Haille Logan
The Lasting Effects of Unwanted

Although some would make Haille Logan out to be a spoiled brat who wished for only her own happiness and well being, I beg to differ. After all, her personality as an adult cannot possibly be her fault, since it was shaped wholly by events which took place in her childhood. You see, Haille was an unwanted orphan in many ways. Her mother Belinda Logan, became pregnant with her at a young age, with a handsome yet taken lawyer named Nelson Childs. Her pregnancy angered her uptight sister, Olivia greatly, since she had been in love with Nelson herself, but could not have him. Olivia, seeing her weaker sister in a bad state, took her in and had her have the baby in her house. While there, Belinda grew increasingly mad, and after Haille's birth, Olivia saw to it that she was put into a mental institution. Haille was a beautiful baby, but that didn't make it easy for her foster mother, Olivia to love her. She grew up with the hot blooded young spirit of her mother, but was oppressed by the iron hand of Olivia. She lashed out with her behavior... and finally when she could take it no more, she fled with the only person who ever stuck by her... her foster brother, Chester. From there the seeds had already been planted for a life with little reason or logic. She had never had love when it counted... so she made up for it by loving herself. Until next time, the defense rests.
*V.C. Character Birthdays & Horoscopes*
By Holly Brooks

Logan Stonewall - March 3rd
Drake Casteel - Late March Baby (unsure of exact date)

The Fish
February 20 to March 20

Traditional Pisces Traits:
Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic

On the dark side....
Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague
Weak-willed and easily led

Solitude to dream in
Mystery in all its guises
Anything discarded to stay discarded
The ridiculous
like to get 'lost'

the obvious
being criticized
feeling all at sea about something

The Ram
March 21 to April 20

Traditional Aries Traits:
Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

On the dark side....
Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil

Coming in first
Championing Causes

Waiting Around
Admitting Failure
No opposition
Other peoples advice
*Ask Doctor Dumas*

VC Fan, Michele asked: I can't seem to find a story by a VC fan. It is called "If Leigh Didn't Die". Could you tell me where it is?

Michele, unfortunately I am not sure. If any of our readers know, please email me at doctordumas@postmark.net so we can help Michele out! :)
VC Fan Vivian questioned: I understand the new series begins with RAIN, but when will it be released?

Vivian, you are in luck. Most bookstores have Rain in bookshelves as we speak. Try Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and online bookstores such as Amazon.com.
VC Fan Jennifer wanted to know: Okay I give up on the cover of Unfinished Symphony there is a lady with long red hair embracing a gray-haired gent. Who are they?

Well, Jennifer, I would have to say that couple is Holly Brooks and Kenneth Childs. I know, I know, don't let the hair fool you. We know Kenneth wasn't as old as the cover made him to be, but that's definitely Holly.
*Best V.C. Andrews Site of the Month*

This will be a new column starting in April. We will allow *you*, the readers, to nominate sites of your choice by emailing EA at doctordumas@postmark.net
. Please give us the site's name, URL, and why you think it should be chosen. One winner per month. We will have our staff review the site and if it is chosen, not only will we list it in EA but we will show who nominated it and why they did so. Call it free advertising. This *can not* be your own site.
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I was pleased to see our numbers rocket past 300 members while I was away. I am thrilled!!!!

I want to thank each of you for supporting us and for those writers who have had to deal with me being away. I am back and ready to go... I hope this issue proves just that! :)

Happy March!!!!

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