Eternally Andrews
May 2000 Issue
Volume 9, Part One
Part One:
1. Obituaries ("Dawn" Spoilers)
2. Coming Attractions
3. Feature Book ("Garden of Shadows" Spoilers)
4. Feature Character ("Jade" Spoilers)
5. Excuses, Excuses (Landry Spoilers)
6. Society Column ("Fallen Hearts" Spoilers)

By Stand In Writer - Beni Arnold

Sally Jean Longchamp, wife to Ormand Longchamp, passed away of
complications of anemia. Mrs. Longchamp had been suffering from illness
since the birth of her baby, Fern. She is survived by her husband and
children, Jimmy, Dawn, and Fern Longchamp.
May she rest in peace.

Lightning Strikes: Due out in June or July 2000 is the continuation of the
Hudson Series. Rain Arnold is sent to London.

Fourth Book of the Hudson Series Titile is announced:
"Rainbow at Twilight"
*Garden of Shadows*
By Stand In Writer - Misty Foster

Olivia Foxworth, the evil grandmother of the past Dollanganger books,
brings her tragic story to life in "Garden of Shadows."

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," or so it is said. We see Olivia
Foxworth, a real woman, wanting only the love of the one man she gave her
heart to completely, go from loving to evil and vindictive. Such
tragedies as the infedelity of her husband with his own step-mother, the
loss of her sons, the corruption of Corrine and Christopher, all put
together made Olivia the woman we knew her to be.

Raised with only her father, for her mother had passed away when she was
sixteen, Olivia Foxworth dreams of a life of love and happiness. Yet when
many men can't get over her stern face, her heighth, and her business
sense, Malcolm Neal Foxworth sweeps her off her feet. Not with roses and
chocolates, but with sincerity and honesty that she truly can believe in.
A place she hoped to call her own.

But when the night of their honeymoon should have been a starting point
for the newlyweds, Olivia's dreams are shattered to find Malcolm wasn't
all he was thought to be. Behind his handsome face and business-savvy
lurked a man haunted by his mother, the one woman he truly loved who had
casted him aside for another man.

"Garden of Shadows" covers a lengthy timespan from Olivia's wedding to the
night Corrine brings the twins to the attic. My advice? Read the first
four books first. Save the best for last.
*Jade Lester*
By Clara Sue Cutler

The snobby rich girl of the wildflowers group, Jade didn't want to like
the other girls, but they soon became the only people she could really
talk to. Jade's problem was that her parents were getting a divorce and
she was stuck in the middle. Both of her parents wanted custody of her,
just to have the other's possession. Jade didn't know who she wanted to go
with, she loved both her parents, most of the time.

Jade's life became like a tug-a-war, one parent would take her and be
nice to her then the other would do the same thing, trying to make Jade
pick one parent over the other. The only way Jade could escape was going
onto her computer and talking to other people in chatrooms. While in a
chartroom one night, Jade met Loneboy, his alias, and found out his
parents were going through a divorce too. Jade and Loneboy began to e-mail
each other and discuss what was going on in their lives and how hard the
divorce was on them. One night after he parents had a huge fight, Jade ran
away from home, to Loneboy's house.

When she got to Loneboy, who's real name was Craig Bennet, she was met
with an older man, who told her Craig was out running errands and he would
be back soon. So Jade was invited into the house and she went, thinking
that this older man was some kind of relative of Craig's, probably his
father. The older man led Jade upstairs to Craig's room and locked her in!
Shocked, Jade had no idea what to do.

Finally, Craig came back and he was going to save Misty. He unlocked
the door, and Jade was stunned, it wasn't Craig, it was his father talking
in a high pitched voice! Before Jade had a chance to leave he lunged at
Jade and the next thing she knew she had passed out and when she woke up
she was alone, and laying on the bed, naked, and tied to the bed posts
with computer cables.

Finally Mr. Bennet came back, and read her a story like she was three
or four years old, and he wouldn't leave her until she went to sleep. He
didn't try to rape her, he was treating her like she was his daughter. The
next day he brought her breakfast and untied her ankle, and when she asked
to go to the bathroom he gave her a bedpan to use instead. Jade was able
to untie herself, but she was still locked in the room. She got dressed
and found and wire to pick the lock with, when it opened she quietly went
down the steps. By tricking Mr. Bennet Jade was able to get out of the
house. When she got
back home, no one had even noticed she was gone.

A while after she had been back Jade had to go meet with a Judge about the
custody battle. When she went back home she ached all over, and thought
the solution to all her problems would be to take enough sleeping pills to
help her sleep though everything. Fortunately, her parents found her in
time and took her to the hospital.

Soon after she began seeing Dr. Marlowe. Her parents decided to have
joint custody. Jade's life was getting back in order and now she had made
3 new friends that all were completely different from her but, they did
share some things.
*Gisselle Dumas*
Spare the Love, Spoil the Child
By The Lawyer Doll

There are a lot of thing that can be said about Gisselle Dumas,
and unfortunately for her accusers, cold hearted simply is not one of
them. It is true that at times she was a touch conceited, and maybe a
little selfish, but those attributes were thrust upon her at a young age
and are therefore not her fault. Consider this; Gisselle was brought into
a household of little love. There was her 'mother' Daphne Dumas who had
wanted a little princess and therefore raised Gisselle to be a one, and
then there was her father who was too buried in his business and by his
former actions with Gabrielle
Landry, to even show her to love she deserved. In short, Gisselle was
simply the product of one too many new dresses, and not enough of what she
really needed. Parents that cared for her enough to show her strong moral
values. And so, Gisselle's heart, which some claim is cold, is not at all.
It is simply held still by the tight grasp of her childhood, and the
lessons she never had the chance to learn.
*Heaven and Logan's Farthinggale Manor Wedding Reception*
By Daphne Dumas

For the wedding of his 'granddaughter' Heaven Casteel to Logan Stonewall,
Tony Tatterton made a gala affair for a reception. There were at least 400
people there, and Mr. Tatterton hired several hundred servers just for
this party.

I would say the highlight of this party was Jillian Tatterton coming down
dressed in her OWN wedding gown, thinking that this was her wedding to
Tony, which had taken place many many years before. Speaking out in
madness, she was quickly led away by her private nurse, Martha Goodman.

Also, something strange was a shadowy figure hidden in the maze, watching
the reception. Many took notice of him, but neither bride nor groom saw

Till next time, Daphne Dumas, Reigning Society Queen
Part Two on its way...