Eternally Andrews
May 2000 Issue
Volume 9, Part Two
Part Two:
7. Theory Corner ("Rain" Spoilers)
8. Ask Doctor Dumas
9. Calling All Writers
10. Editors Note
11. Advertisers
12. Copyright and Legal

*When It Rains It Pours*
by Luke Sr and Luke Jr

Take a ghetto backdrop, a biracial teen, and a nice grandmother, and put
them together with the usual family secrets, tragic deaths and mixed up
paternities, and you have VCA’s latest novel of family peril.

Having both just recently read Rain, Luke and I agree that it is one of
Neiderman’s better efforts, however it still doesn’t hold a candle to the
original VCA novels we love so well. Here are some of our thoughts…

1. Rain was down to earth. She seemed more sensible then most of our VCA
heroines, there was a maturity there that made her likable Perhaps that
is a testament to her growing up in the ghetto? That is up for you to

2. Grandmother Hudson. Luke and I agree that Grandmother Hudson is cool.
She didn’t resent Rain for anything, in fact she liked her. What a change
to have a nice granny. I personally hope we hear more about her. Nice to
get away from the Olivia's and the Lillian's, eh?

3. Okay so by now we know that miniseries, aside a death, always sets off
this chain of events, right? Well Rain was no exception. But there isn’t
a person I’ve talked to, Luke and myself included, who wasn’t taken by
surprise when Beni was murdered. I was looking forward to more adventures
of Beni and Rain, keeping in the great traditions of sister rivalry (ahem
Fanny and Heaven…Ruby and Giselle and Dawn and Clara Sue). Notice how in
two out of three of those sibling sets the real brother of sister number
one always stuck up for sister number two? Well, you get my drift. I
wonder why the ghostwriter killed her off so quickly.

4. Okay I guess we can give the ghostwriter a cheer for giving us a
different location. We’ve seen Boston through the eyes of the Casteel's
and the Logan's. Then there’s Virginia through the eyes of the Cutler's,
and the Doll's, and lets not forget New Orleans the home of the Landry's.
Now Neiderman takes us back north on the East Coast to Washington D.C. And
in Lightning Strikes we get to see London (right now that’s about
the only thing exciting me about the next book)

Okay enough of that…where would we be if we didn’t have our gripes so to
speak. Like for instance, Rain did something totally out of character for
her. All because the ghostwriter wanted to keep with the “pattern theory”
which states that all heroines lose
their innocence in book one.

And another thing, why can’t the ghostwriter keep his facts straight? I
mean if Rain is supposed to be Megan’s child that she gave up when she was
eighteen then Brody is not older then her. In fact Brody and Rain, if
anything, would be a year or two apart.

Also, how did the mother find out she was sick with Cancer or whatever? It
clearly states that they didn't have the money for the doctor, and didn't
it say that Mrs. Arnold didn't like doctors? So how would she have known
a) that she was sick and b) how would she have known before Rain left?

He doesn't know what happens between the front and back cover.

So there you have it folks. Rain gets mixed reviews in our book. Overall
it was a good book, and the truth is that its VCA so we can’t stop reading
it anyway.

We’ll just have to wait and see what awaits us in Lightning Strikes.

Luke and Luke
The dynamic duo
By Doc Dumas

In the last issue, a fellow VC Fan was searching for a story called "What
If Leigh Didn't Die." I would like to express many thanks to those of you
who responded to this. Here is your asnwer:

"I wrote a story that is called WHAT IF LEIGH DIDN'T DIE and i'm pretty
that this is what Michele is talking about. I'm actually pretty flatterd
that someone went through the trouble of seeking it out. . .

Anyways, to read it go to


We also got this as well:

"Hi! I have found the website that has the story "What if Leigh Didn't
Die" for Megan. Here's the address:
It's at the VCA FanFiction site and you go to the What If's section, and
it's the only one in that section.

I hope I helped her out! :o)

Jessica "

VC Fan Karri asks:
"I have to do a project on an author and I picked V.C. Andrews but now I
stumped for ideas as to what I could do...help me please."

Karri, how about trying doing a project on the "Pattern Theory?" Or the
difference between V.C. Andrews and her ghostwriter? Those would make
good projects. :)

VC Fan Summer asks:
"Hey. I got an English project on an author and I decided on V. C. since
she rules. I'm doing my project on common imagery and theme in the Landry
Series. If you could give any input it would be appreciated. Thanks."

Summer, what a great idea! How about looking at the setting of Landry.
New Orleans, Houma, Voodoo, Traiteurs, etc. Again, bring up the "Pattern
Theory" if need be. If anyone has advice for Summer, please email me at
doctordumas@postmark.net. :)

VC Fan Ini asks:
"Is there going to be another book added to the Ruby series? Will there
be a movie deal with the Ruby series?"

Sorry, Ini. The Landry Series is complete with the five novels. Talks of
making the Landry Series into a Mini-Series for television occurred but no
recent news has been provided. :)

Looking or dedicated, hard working writers who would like to write for any
of the following sections: (Must be over the age of fifteen please)
*Battle of the Sexes: Comparing each month the differences between VC
Andrews and her ghostwriter
*Obituaries: You will be assigned a different book each month and must
list an obituary for each death from that book.
*Quotable Quotes: You will be assigned one book and will have to produce
5-10 favorite quotes from that particular book.
*Coming Attractions: Each month, provide us any new information regarding
VC Andrews and her books.
*Advertisters: Need someone who has html experience to maintain a list of
all our advertisers and update the website with their banners & links as

Please email me at shayruby@yahoo.com with your name, the name you would
like to write under (i.e. Doctor Dumas, The Lawyer Doll, etc), your mail
address, which section you would prefer and any writing experience.


Many of you might have thought I disappeared. Sometimes I wish it were
that easy but unfortunately, I am going through a separation with my
husband. Things are brighter because we are seeking counseling but I have
managed to move myself and our son out of the house and into our own
apartment for the time being.

I progressively have gotten myself up & running again and have managed to
pull EA back together after a one month hiatus. In doing so, I found many
open sections that need writers so if you are interested, mae sure you
check out the section above.

Again, thank you to the almost four hundred of you who hav subscribed to
receive this newsletter! And thanks most of all to my dedicated writing
staff who stuck by me in my time of need. You are the best!

Thanks & Happy May!

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