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Eternally Andrews
October 2000 Issue
Volume 14

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1. Feature Book: "Ruby" (Landry Spoilers)
2. Battle of the Sexes: The Two Olivia's (Doll and Logan Spoilers)
3. Feature Character: Thelma Morris (Orphan Spoilers)
4. Quotable Quotes: "Seeds of Yesterday" (Doll Spoilers)
5. Dear Diary: Raven Flores (Orphans Spoilers)
6. Theory Corner: Philip Cutler (Cutler Spoilers)
7. Olivia's Observations: Landry Series (Landry Spoilers)
8. Excuses, Excuses: Howard Carson (Wildflower Spoilers)
9. Obituaries: Lucietta Adare (Adare Spoilers)
10. Heavenly Reviews: Dark Angel (Casteel Spoilers)
11. Editors Note
12. Advertisers
13. Copyright and Legal

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Feature Book
By The Pharaoh Adare


Ruby Landry grew up in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou with her intellectually caring Grandmere and mean spirited, inebriated Grandpere. But beyond the moss and wild animals of the swamp, lies secrets and surprises that leave the young smart Ruby baffled.

Over time, the skeletons in Rubyís family history direct her to a life that is the exact opposite of the one she has lived since birth. This life is in New Orleans where her real father and twin sister live. But this new life has as much secrets and surprises as the one she had lived before.

Everything that Ruby has ever loved and cherished changes to a mass of thick confusion. And among this confusion, she must tolerate her unpleasant sister and malicious stepmother.

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Battle of the Sexes
By Lady Heaven

*The Two Olivias*
(Caution: This article contains Logan and Dollanganger Spoilers)

Although Olivia Logan is entirely GW's creation and Olivia Foxworth is
VCA's creation, any of us who have read the books featuring both
characters can see quite a few similarities and differences between them.
First of all, both women were born into wealthy families and both of them
showed an interest in their fathers' businesses when they were young.
Olivia Gordon was even nicknamed the "Little General" by her father
because she had just as much control over her family's business as her
father did and maybe more. She also assumed more control over her husband's
company than he did. Olivia Foxworth and her father ran his company
together until he died and once she married, she even took an interest in
her husband's business affairs as well as running her father's company.

Another similarity between the two women is their dominance over
their families. When Olivia Logan's sister was constantly in trouble, it
was Olivia who assumed control of the situation and avoided as much
embarrassment to the family as necessary. When Olivia Foxworth's husband
has an affair with his younger stepmother and makes her pregnant, she is
the one who decides what is to be done with the baby and the mother.
Olivia Logan faces the same situation when her sister becomes pregnant
with a married man's child. Both she and Olivia Foxworth hide the
pregnant women until they give birth and raise the girls they have as their
own daughters. Where these two women differ is how they deal with the
offspring of the two girls they raised as daughters. When Olivia Logan
meets Melody, her great-niece, she begins molding her into her image
because she feels that Melody is the strongest member of her family and once
she dies, she will rest easy knowing the Melody will be able to handle
all the responsibilities that she had all those years.

Since Olivia Foxworth's grandchildren are the offspring of a
brother and sister, she finds it difficult to accept them and often abuses
them. By doing this, she leaves them physically and emotionally scarred.
This abuse does make Cathy, the oldest daughter, stronger than she'd
ever been, but it is also the cause of Cathy's bizarre behavior in her
adult life.

Of the two of them, Olivia Logan is the strongest. She is able to
make decisions rationally and without violence whereas Olivia Foxworth
is also capable of making rational decisions but resorts to violence to
punish those who defy her. By using more rational approach, Olivia
Logan would leave the family responsibilities in the hands of a young girl
who would be able to deal with them as well as her predecessor had
while Olivia Foxworth would leave her family in a state of chaos that
wouldn't end for generations to come.

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Feature Character
By Clara Sue Cutler

*Thelma Morris*

Thelma and her husband wanted to adopt a child and when they went to the orphanage they found Crystal - a very smart, obedient girl.

Thelma didn't take life seriously. The only thing she ever took seriously were her soap operas, which she hated missing. She loved living a soap opera character's life. Their lives were so much more interesting and exciting compared to her boring life.

Personally I think she was like this because something horrible happened in her life and she doesn't want to face the reality of it all.

Karl wanted to adopt Crystal in hopes that having a teenager around the house, with all her life and vivacity would bring Thelma back from her dream world and she would start becoming a real wife again. Even when they made love, Thelma made Karl pretend they were soap opera characters and if he messed up or Thelma wasn't satisfied by their performance they had to redo it until it was right.

Then Thelma's mother died and Thelma was more gone than ever, but an odd thing happened... she wasn't so involved in her soaps, she was 'gone' differently. Sometimes she would watch them but without sound. She even seemed to care more for the soap opera characters then the people who loved her in real life. She had trouble facing her mother's death but if a soap opera character coughed she cried out, hoping everything was well.

But Thelma would live in her dream world forever because soon after her mother's funeral her own was held, along with her husband's. They had been killed in a horrible car accident when a pick up truck crossed the median, head-on. Crystal had lost the only parents she knew and Thelma would never watch another soap opera again

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Quotable Quotes
By RavenDoll

*Seeds of Yesterday*

Who's that weird old guy?
"The stringy old hand was grasped firmly by Chris, and only then did the old man tell us who he was. 'Your long-lost uncle who was, ostensibly, lost in the Swiss Alps fifty-seven years ago.'"
Catherine & Joel, page 11.

The memories come flooding back:
"Tears were in my eyes as I stepped into that bedroom--and then I was staring bug-eyed at what I'd thought burned in the fire. The bed! The swan bed with the fancy rosy bedcurtains held back gracefully by the tips of wing feathers made into curling fingers. That graceful swan head had the same twist of its neck, the same kind of watchful but sleepy red ruby eye half open to guard the occupants of the bed."
Catherine, page 24.

"...To be in love is like turning on a light in a dark room. All of a sudden everything becomes bright and visible. You're never alone because she loves you, and you love her."
Catherine telling Bart her romantic notion of love, page 44.

A terrible moment:
"The doctor smiled. 'Yes, he'll live. He's young and he's strong, but it's my calculated guess it will be a long time before he dances again.' And Jory had said a million times that he couldn't live without dancing."
Catherine, page 105.

"Momma! You make me feel that being a woman is a trap! I don't want them [men] to trap me--I want to trap them!"
Cindy the "harlot," page 141.

"Who ever counted the flowers that died when we pulled up the weeds?"
Catherine in a very deep moment, page 157.

This is really a dysfunctional family...
"What the hell are you doing sleeping with your brother's wife? Your injured brother's wife?"
And she was pregnant, too. Catherine, page 183.

"You are the fool, Catherine. Just like your mother, in more than one way. She, too, wanted every man she saw, even her own half uncle. She was like this naked girl [Cindy] crawling lewdly around on the floor--ready to bed down anything with pants."
Joel, page 225. That would have been something Malcolm would say!

"Fate didn't choose the unloved, the derelicts, the unneeded or unwanted. Fate was a bodiless form with a cruel hand that reached our randomly, carelessly, and seized up with ruthlessness."
Catherine, after hearing the sad news Christopher has died the same way as their father, page 402.

A part of Catherine's last note, which always makes me cry (you, too, huh?):
"...But please don't ever say I failed in reaching my most important goal. I may not have been the prima ballerina I set out to be. Nor was I the perfect wife or mother--but I did manage to convince one person, at last, the he did have the right father. And it wasn't too late, Bart. It's never too late."
Page 408.

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Dear Diary
By Stacie Casteel

*Raven's Diary*

Raven + Taylor = Love

I am in love. And this time it is for real. His name is Taylor Cummings and he is not just another boy, he is a man. For the first time ever, I feel like I am dating someone who is interested in ME, not just in my looks, which is what all other boys had been. I was just someone to hang off their arm, to boost their status with their stupid friendsÖ.but Taylor isnít like that. We went by ourselves and had a wonderful evening. We talked and talked and he didnít even try anything. At first I was a bit concerned, but then I had to laugh at myself. He was doing exactly what I wanted a boy to do and here I was, worried that he hadnít made a move on me. Sometimes I even astound myself. Brooke, Crystal and Butterfly are all worried about me, but I think they are over doing it just a bit. This is the first positive thing that has happened since we left Lakewood. It almost feels like something this good canít actually be happening to us. Well, not really to us, to me. They are all just a little bit apprehensive, like since Gordon and what he did to Crystal, no man can be trusted. But Taylor is different. He treats me like a lady, and doesnít assume that just because I am pretty, I am easy. I will keep you posted diary, I am sure this will have a good ending. I am even thinking that he
could be the one. Scary huh?

Thinking of Taylor and his kisses and signing off with stars in my eyes,

Well, the girls were right. I gave him the most important gift a girl can give someone and he left me. He was really no better than any of the other boys that I have dated, only he was a lot smoother. A real true smooth talker. Probably a lot like my real father. I am hurting so
much right now, but none of the girls understand. They will one day, but right now they donít, and I am feeling so alone. Butterfly and Crystal just seemÖÖ.well, so much younger than me. Brooke is in the beginnings of a new relationship and I canít help but be skeptical. I just
want to spare her the pain that I am going through right now. I know that not all boys are the same and just because Taylor used me, doesnít mean that Todd is going to do the same to herÖ.Iím just scared for her. I know that I can handle this, but could Brooke? She tried to convince me that it was different for her, but weíll see wonít we? Whatís the bet, just because Iím so skeptical, they will end up getting married and Iíll have to eat lots and lots of humble pie? I hate being wrong, but in this case, I hope I am.

Signing off again, feeling a bit more positive than when I started,
Raven Flores

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Theory Corner
By Luke Casteel Jr.

*Philip Cutler*

In five years of belonging to VCA fan clubs, I have come across many questions. They range from favorite character and why, to the more thought provoking, what was the best story location and why. But neither of those questions seemed to be asked as much as which character had it worst.

Just as the questions were the same, the answers seemed to be repetitive too. Some would say Heaven had it worst because she was sold etc...some believed that Dawn had it worst, others said the Dollangangers, and even more said that Cat from the Wildflowers series had it worst off then anyone else. When this question was asked, everyone seemed to pick out the main character as their answer...and while their answers aren't incorrect, there was one
thought that most, myself included never bear into mind. All those main characters considerably have a happy ending. Even Cat is somewhat better off by the end of the story. But what about those characters that didn't have the happy ending. In a way they have it just as bad if not worse then Dawn, or Heaven or even the Dollangangers.

Now before I get any flames, just hear me out here. The Dolls had it tough, they were locked up for three years, four months, and sixteen days, and their mother tried to kill them, yes all this is true but, they had each other. That's something at least right? Same with the Casteels, they lived in poverty, they had to scrounge for food sometimes, and even steal, but
they too had each other and pride. It was more then likely that the Casteels were going to be okay, if one thing could be said about them, it was that they were fighters and they didn't give up no matter what challenges faced them. Okay but this article isn't about the Casteels, so let me get to my point. Heaven was okay in the end, Dawn, Ruby, Cat....they too were okay at the end and even Cathy and Chris found a sense of peace by the end.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for Philip Cutler. Yes, Philip, the one who raped Dawn, and then raped her daughter. The question how can one feel sorry for such a sicko? Well, that's just it, Philip was sick but there is a reason behind his madness, and he didn't exactly have the easiest life. In fact if ever you wanted a case for richness not equaling happiness, you don't have to look any further then Philip Cutler.

The facts, Philip was the oldest, and so it was only son...only child of Laura Sue and Randolph Cutler. He was born into a dynasty that more then often came before the needs of family. More then likely Philip was in the presence of a nanny more then his parents, and he knew that one day he'd be expected to take over at Cutler's Cove. In essence, Philip had little
control over his life...and it is quite possible that he didn't know how to love because he'd never been loved.

That is until he met Dawn. Dawn was Phil's dream girl. She was beautiful, fresh and innocent. She sung like a nightingale and she gave Philip the attention he didn't get from his family. He fell...he fell hard. Dawn and Philip made promises, he promised her he'd love her, she virtually promised that he could be her first. To most they seemed the perfect couple, the envy of the school...and Philip had something to be excited about. Something to be proud of other then the hotel. For the first time in his life his world wasn't centered around the family business, it was centered around Dawn. And unfortunately that would be his downfall.

Poor Philip, can you think how he must have felt the day he learned that the girl of his dreams, the one girl he loved and wanted to be with more then anything, was really the sister that had been kidnapped fifteen years before?

Naturally the feelings he had for her couldn't just be squelched because they were related. Dawn may have been able to cast her feelings aside with the wind (a fact this reader believes should have not been) but Philip couldn't. His feelings for Dawn weren't so easily dismissed.

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Olivia's Observations
By Stand In Olivia Foxworth

*Landry Series*
(Taken from www.geocities.com/shayruby/ with permission from the site's owner.)

In "Hidden Jewel," Pearl asks Jack Clovis to call her Ruby.

In Pearl in the Mist, Paul is talking about Mrs. Livaudis and Mrs.Thibodeau but on page 222 he calls them Mrs. Livaudais and Mrs. Thirbodeaux. In all the other books in the series the names are spelled the first way.

In "Tarnished Gold," Ruby's mother's name is spelled Gabriel. In all other books, her name is shown as Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is also described differently in different books. In one, she has golden hair. In another she has ruby-red hair like Ruby and Gisselle.

On the cover of "Ruby," Paul is shown with black hair. In the series, Paul is described as having "chatlin" hair, hair that is a mixture of blonde and brown.

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Excuses, Excuses
by Lawyer Hudson

*Howard Carson*

--Case of Statutory Rape--

Judge: "Mr. Carson, how do you plead?"

Howard: "I would like to plead not guilty to attempted rape and statutory rape of Cathy Carson, my stepdaughter."

Cat's Lawyer: "Judge, we would like to be allowed to plead our case in this matter."

Judge: "Agreed. Mr. Carson, please have a seat."

Cat's Lawyer: "We have evidence against Mr. Carson to prove his guilt." (He pulls out a folder.) "A statement from psychiatrist Doctor Marlowe on her sessions with Cathy Carson." (He hands them to the judge. Then he pulls a police report out and hands it over also.) "A police report on Mr. Carson proving he was found in his boat house, attempting to rape Miss Carson. She was found by Doctor Marlowe as well."

(Judge looks over the information.)

Verdict: GUILTY! Any man who would not only rape a minor but his own step daughter has mental problems yet instead sending of him into a mental institution, he will be sentenced to fifty years in the county correctional institute.

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By Mortuary Mouse

*Lucietta Adare*

Lucietta "Lucky" Whitefern Adare, of Whitefern Village, passed away during childbirth of her newborn daughter, Sylvia. Mrs. Adare is survived by her husband, Damian, and her two daughters.

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Heavenly Reviews
By Angel and Bride Doll

*Dark Angel*

Angel: PRO's
I re-read Dark Angel just out of pure pleasure. In my opinion this book is the epitome of what "is" a VC Andrews novel. It has all the essential ingredients: Love, sex, hate, death, odd families, wealth, etc... I will make this short and sweet. Troy and Heaven's relationship stabilizes this book making it seem more a romance than anything. Their sweetness and their tragedies leave the reader in tears throughout the entire book. This book is always a fav among VC fans so if you haven't read it... What are you waiting for?

Bride Doll: CON's
I, too, like Angel have recently re-read my longtime favorite, Dark Angel. And though all the pro's about the book are there, as Angel put it, "the essentials," I did find some con's in the book that had me yelling at the book like a maniac!

Take for instance our main character, Heaven. Now a member of the prestigious Tatterton family, she has the world as her oyster, her heart's desire at her fingertips....she even finds someone to love her purely and completely... But what does she do? She leaves him, runs to find her family (although her intentions were good), leaving Troy when he is sick and truly needs her by his side. The thought was brought up to me by a friend that maybe Troy was testing Heaven, to see what her priorities were...if she truly indeed would put him first...yet she runs off. Her intentions of a short trip to find Keith and Jane turns into a long excursion to Atlanta, Nashville, then her original stomping grounds, Winnerow. Poor Troy is in Boston, withering away, and what could have waited until later came before her Troy. How weak Heaven seemed to be, with her desire for revenge outweighing her love for anyone else.

And yes, I do recommend this book...but be prepared to SCREAM, cry and pout...for our Heavenly's not as strong as we thought she was.

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Hope your Halloween and Spooktober are wonderful!


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